Friday, November 28, 2014

Tales from the Prophetic

I think about what goes on in the Prophetic realm.  It helps me to know that I am hearing from God when I prophesy.  IF I ever believed I didn't I would stop cold.   Not to would be blasphemy.  I'm not going there.

If you are a prophet in the office of the prophet you will often have people come up to you and say, "Do you remember what you prophesied over me 3 years ago".   Of course truth be told, of the hundreds of prophetic words I have given I cannot remember.  But they do.  They have taken those words and sealed them in their hearts.  The message I get from these events, knowing that they are not only meaningful but life changing, directive, forming makes me cautious, careful, deliberate, listening to God before I speak.  The words I give people matter so much that to be flippant with them would be a travesty.  I remember several meaningful words spoken over me over the years.  I know that God is in them.   Prophesy is not to be treated lightly.. and I don't.  If you operate as a prophet.. your words really matter. 

A few nights ago a woman, Pamella, came for a word from God. I gave her what I saw. She was really broken.  Really hurt.  Father loved on her.  I don't know how she will take this long run.  She was actually looking for a crystal ball experience.  Looking for a husband, would she find one?  Was there money hidden for her?  That kind of thing.  What Father had me to say to her was much more in depth than what she was seeking.  Life changing.  I hope she knows it was God.   She may be one that comes back a few years from now and says. "Do you remember".  When I hugged her (as I often do when I know a word needs a seal of the Love of God) she sobbed, held on tight, just stayed.  I wonder often if a word lacking the love of God is worth LESS.  Just thinking about it.

There is a merger that takes place in the Prophetic.  That which is me and that which is God speaking thru me.  I really want to keep the two desperate.  I do.  I want to have an opinion.  I want to be Gene sometimes.  Yet, HE keeps invading my space till I am pushed aside.  I don't object, but sometimes when I find myself horning in, He allows me to fall on my face, picks me up, dusts me off and says, "Just say what I say".   That doesn't mean that every single word I say or write is inspired of the Holy Ghost.. just more than I thought there would be.  I will begin to write on an issue, or a situation and suddenly words come that I know full well are not my own.  Much better than I am able.  It's not spooky, it's just how that works.  IF you decide to submit your will to HIS as a prophet, He will take up residence and you will slowly be evicted.  It's not all bad... it's fruit

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Ron McK said...

You are right about love sealing a word. When a persons is broken, their heart is often scarred, which prevents the word from penetrating. Sometimes it gives evil spirits rights, which makes it even harder. An act of love opens the heart and allows the Spirit to penetrate, so he can cement the word in. Sometimes the love can be enough to cause the hearer to let down their guard (put up for protection from more pain) long enough for the Holy Spirit to get through.

On the other issue. You like to have an opinion, as do I. Political opinions do not have any affect on your ability to give words to people. But if you want to go all the way as a prophet to the nation you will probably have to let Gene's opinions die. Otherwise they will keep coming in, and corrupting God's pure word, which will cost the nation.
Just a thought.