Thursday, January 5, 2017

Come apart from them

 This is the day where people will have to make the choice between serving God or Serving Baal.  No there aren't Baal temples on every corner but the principles are there.  The choice will make it hard for many to make the decision to leave the past behind and enter into a better future.

Father is rewarding those who choose to live by his word.  His word is clear. You have to be intentionally blind to ignore those things that are of the sour fruit of the evil one.

Yet there are many people who attend church, dance, shout, pray (even in tongues), and confess Jesus as Lord yet find themselves connected with those who support all forms of ungodly activity and principles.  Demonic Deception.

Compromised Christianity is manifested in the earth.
When the idea of homosex marriage came along, many so called Christians accepted it as a cultural norm.  Some Christians rejected it.. but in the end it was considered OK by those already compromised.  Same with abortion, not good but accepted. The law of the land.  Same with multicultural intolerance of Christianity and the embracing of Islam .. the slope became more slippery.  Then legalized marijuana... well we have to keep up.  Lawless acts were excused on the altar of social justice. Pedophilia made easier by laws and homosexual curriculum in schools. Marriage replaced with shacking up and large numbers of single parent households resulted.. and this in the church. Then when during the last year when corruption was revealed at the highest level, those compromised excused it with the idea that "Everybody does it".   What has resulted is a cultural form of Christianity that is apostate.  Stands for nothing and falls for everything.  The plumb line of righteous living is no longer observed.  It's not even seen.  We are out of kilter.

The result of this is a schizophrenic cult of Christianity aligned with people groups and factions who do things they disapprove of at least in principle but to whom they remain loyal to for no godly reason.  Father is calling for the compromised to come out from among them.  The road to perdition and eventual collapse for believers is paved with good intentions and misplaced loyalty.

There is a great divide coming and in 2017 will manifest itself in radical new ways.  Those who have been compromised will have to make a hard decision.  It will be painful.  There will be scars.  But when a cancer is removed it leaves a mark.  Some will be repentance.  Some will be shame.  The year to come, 2017, will create a clear line of demarcation.  The compromised will be forced to choose between darkness and light, good and evil, Baal and God. 

Yet there are those who will hold to the old and not come out from among them who will form the Whore Church of our day.  Revelation 17 speaks of this.. it happened in the past and will again.  But we are in this place once more.  All prophecy moves in long deep cycles.  The devil has no new strategies.  We must be aware of those he uses now.  We can see how this looks in the empty forms of godliness that makes up many mainline denominations.

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