Friday, January 13, 2017

The Year to Come and Father Speaks

Here are some specific predictions:
The UN will not be defunded.  De-fanged yes.
The economy will not soar, but it will build a strong underpinning for years to come.
Low level inflation will occur but there is powerful deflationary pressure holding it down.
Gold and silver will not hide anyone from risk .. simply an alternative currency
By August there will be a hard entry into the Fall season but the year will end upbeat
The dollar will strengthen but that will hurt business

The middle east and ISIS will quell by default but most of that will not be at the hands of the USA.  The Russian Bear has it's sights set on a Mediterranean seaport in Syria with a path thru Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran or Turkey.  This will happen by force or by cooperation. The path is already set.

European contrives will become less about the EU and more nationalistic.  The islamic invasion has driven this. EU will survive but only as a shell of its former promise.

2017 will be a year unlike any we have had in 30.  Upheaval, anger, resignation and hope after  disappointments.  Knowing we are in Fathers eye means we can walk in confidence.

Father would say:
I have only the best for you.  Don't fear the years to come.  There is always hope in ME.  I placed my spirit in you to comfort you as the times and days come.  You were always meant to be the head and I will raise you up.  Your purposes are fully hidden only in me.  I will strip away from your life anything that robs you of that purpose as you walk in the paths that seem dim to you but on which I am shining my light.  Follow the light of my truth, know my word, know my will and I will bring you to a new place.  It will be glorious but you won't see it until you get there.  I love you and even when it seems hard, I NEVER CHANGE.  

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