Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Enemy is Using Violence to Achieve his Purposes

We are about to enter a season unlike any we have had in the past.  We will find ourselves ruled by many Godly men and women.  The enemy will attack them.  He will try to marginalize them.  Be on watch for the attempts by an antichrist spirit to destroy the Godly. These leaders will find themselves in a brighter and more intense spotlight. The hyenas will nip at their heels.  There will be difficulty.  Many who had great belief in what might be will find themselves disappointed.  The exercise of what must happen will frustrate even the elect.  Deception will reign.  There will be an economic reset that will cause people to question how this can be.  The belief in a man to solve problems will be replaced by disillusionment.  Fathers word is "TRUST ME, I have your best interests at heart".

There will be sporadic acts of violence because the devil is on the loose stirring up hatred. When you see claims of hate as accusations against the children of God take a good look and you will see the face of satan revealed.  This is spiritual warfare in the mud.  Some of it will be acts of violence, damage, intimidation and threat.  Don't be taken by surprise.  The enemy has been dealt a severe blow... but he always recovers and will till the end of all things.  That too is a truth from Revelation.  Be on watch for the enemy of your souls.   He's wounded but he's not dead... yet.

There will be unusual alliances in the year to come.  Nationally, politically, spiritually and in people groups.   "Misery makes strange bedfellows" is a quote from Shakespeare's play the Tempest.  People will question why asking,  "how did ____ ever get connected with _____".   It will look out of order but there are new spiritual neurons being formed.

There are things that will be reset globally that will begin to come into order this year.  Some will be the result of Death.  Some the result of change of leadership.  Some the result of calamity.  Not everything is an attack, all change for better requires a reset.  Embrace the good and accept the bad and have faith in GOD.

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