Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Enemy Exposed... FEAR, DIVISION and DEFAMATION of Godly People

Be wary of scare tactics in 2017 ... fear is the main tool the enemy has left and he has willing transmitters of his fear poison.  Some in the media, some as "Entertainment", some in social media and some are in the pulpit or on TV.  The world is not ending soon..  the Kingdom is expanding and God is still on the Throne.

The enemy is going to turn up the heat to divide people even more.  He will divide churches, denominations, city populations, people groups and even families.  Division is one of the prime schemes of the enemy.  We are instructed in scripture to mark well those who cause division.  Be aware.  Even on the public scene, there will be attempts to divide.  The enemy knows that he can count on weak people to turn against leadership at every level to weaken the whole.  Don't fall for this.

The enemy is out to defame people.  He wants to tear down anyone people hold up.  This goes for everyone from the highest to the lowest.  He will then supplant them with so called leaders who do his will.  Be vigilant for those who accuse the brethren.  Even if a leader does something or doesn't do something you thought he or she should have, now is the time for supernatural loyalty.  The voice of the accuser is shrill, loud and persistent.  Exposure of the schemes of the schemes of darkness is not going to come without protest.  Expect it.

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