Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Darkness versus Light in the Year to Come

There is a darkening cloud but there is also a bright beam of light on the horizon.  Jesus will shine greater and brighter to those who can see.  The devil however has blinded the mind and eyes of the unbeliever.  There is a large number of blinded people who may never see the truth.  That doesn't mean we must stop trying, just don't be discouraged.  Those who the devil has in his grasp will be hard to tear out.  If you would pray for them learn to pray that they will have the eyes of their understanding opened.  That usually happen in stressful situations.  Health, financial difficulty, relationships, lostness and hopelessness.  When you pray for them, pray that they come to the end of themselves.  That the Blessings of the Presence of God invade their lives.  BUT that will come with pain and suffering.  So when it happens don't be in a hurry to bail them out of their situation.  Recognize the trouble they are in must happen first so they get OUT by the power of GOD.  It's how we all came to Jesus.  We needed Him for more than salvation, but for hope, joy and peace.

A spiritual battle over our age has been engaged for some time.  Lawless behavior at every level is accepted.  Strong Delusions have been in operation deceiving even the Godly.  Strange myths and old wives tales. Weird conspiracy theories. Gossip and backbiting are rampant.  Ease of taking offense is the spirit of the age.  As you take a stand against this spirit there will be violent push back.  The god of this world hates exposure.  You will be criticized, ostracized and demonized.  Don't allow your fear of man to silence your needed voice in this hour.  God says to the spirit of this age that has dominated too long.. PERMISSION WITHDRAWN.  Like Job of old, there was permission given.  It's not any more.  But we are the mouth, hands, feet and purposed of Father in this age and we must manifest truth to the devil's deception.  Do not be afraid to be and put on public display the righteousness of God lived in your life. 

The princes of the power of the air has provided a wide road to perdition.  Many are on that road.   It's not about heaven or hell in the eternal, it's about living life today in the destiny God gave you.   You must not take the easy go along to get along road.  There are two roads.  Take the one less traveled.

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