Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Stay Steady in the Wake of Bad News

We will see many more deaths of notables, even in the body of Christ.  We will mourn them.. but we have more losses because we have more to lose.  There is a population of humanity that is coming of the ages of stepping from time into eternity.  Think it not strange that many more seem to be clearing the way for generations to come.  And those of us of a certain age must make sure that we speak to the Generations saying, "This is the way, walk ye in it".

There will mercifully be fewer end time scares, moons of many colors, harbingers, comets, eclipses, star formations and such. More and more Christians are coming to realize the truth. The enemy has used these myths of mysteries to hobble the saints and Father is saying, CUT IT OUT.   In 2017 there will be fewer.  Don't buy every one of these strange "Prophecies". 

Natural disasters will happen and some will be severe, they don't mean anything other than weather is weather and earth is earth.  There is no prophetic meaning.  Haiti will slowly recover but it will mean a political shakeup.  The same with Venezuela.  Corruption and evil will be exposed and people will slowly rise up.  We must not interfere.. they must come to this on their own, but many will and think it is helping.

Supernatural manifestations will happen more and more.  We will find saints of God testifying to things we don't almost believe ourselves.  Some will be imaginations ... but look for those which are true.  Father is revealing his hand in people's lives.  Expect it.  The miracles are on the way.

Right now virtual reality is a big thing.  That's because it's exciting thrilling but it's not reality.  The same thing is true in the world system.  Much of what we think is true by what we hear or see on media is virtual reality.  Yet there are demonic systems that use what you think you see or hear to manipulate the foolish.  Don't be one.  Money is raised for the devil's enterprise by well meaning people who have bought satan's lie.  Be careful who you trust in this day... even satan comes as an angel of light.  Things that have extracted resources from people will be shown up in the year to come to have been a wicked lie and will be discredited.  There is a move from Self Esteem which was a tool of the devil to cause people to fail to Self Improvement, particularly in Biblical Ways.  The enemy has been in full force against those who preach from the pulpit the improvement of our selves.  That will change in 2017.  We must not be victims, we must be better in the power of God.  There is a return to the kind of preaching of long ago when Norman Vincent Peal encouraged the saints in a dark day.  We will hear that again in 2017.  God has a plan.. learn it and live it. 

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