Friday, December 16, 2016

Celebrating on the other side of the Red Sea -- can lead to discouragement

Right now many people are jubilant at the outcome of the recent Presidential election.  Some people are downright giddy.  They are giving praise to God for the result.  Believing our new President to be some manifestation or type of great heroes of the Bible. 

It was the same after the last President was elected.  An almost messianic approbation was given.

God warns us of being too trusting in the arm of flesh, in man. He even pronounces a curse on those who trust in Man over God.

The story of the Crossing thru the Red Sea and the destruction of the Egyptian Army is easy to remember.  Movies and Sunday school lessons rehearse this event. 

When the victory was sure Miriam Sang a song and a song of Moses was sung.  Exodus 15

“Who is like You, O Lord, among the gods?
Who is like You, glorious in holiness,
Fearful in praises, doing wonders?
12 You stretched out Your right hand;
The earth swallowed them.
13 You in Your mercy have led forth
The people whom You have redeemed;
You have guided them in Your strength
To Your holy habitation.

Then Miriam led the singers in this chorus:
“Sing to the Lord,
For He has triumphed gloriously!
The horse and its rider
He has thrown into the sea!”

It was exciting, it was huge.  YET 3 days later complaints started.  Now water to drink and God had to intervene once more thru Moses.  

2 months later the Children of Israel began to complain, "We were better off in Egypt".  So God sent Manna and the Quail.

The complaining didn't stop.  Water from a rock was needed.  God brought them to Sinai 90 days after leaving Egypt.  There the earth parted and a large portion was swallowed up in rebellion.  

They had forgotten all the jubilation on the eastern shore of the Red Sea.  The drowned enemy.  The provision of the Lord.   

Within ONE YEAR God brought them to the Promised Land and it was pronounced undoable.  As a result they returned to Sinai and stayed for 38 more years and buried everyone except a few people who came out of Egypt.  

Eventually they came into the Promised Land.

This is the quandary we see in our society today.  The enthusiasm we see can be crushed by reality, disappointment and unrealized expectations.  It happened 8 years ago..before the end of Obama's first year there was great disillusionment.. among those who were his supporters.  

This will happen with Donald Trump.  Many supporters when things don't happen as quickly as they hope will become discouraged.  The exuberance we see in the market will draw back as the difficulty sets in.  I believe that MAY of 2017 will be a time to renew your dedication to making a better life. 

Don't let discouragement, the media, the sniping, the rumors get you down.  God's best is for YOU.. President may or may not be involved in that.  You will find yourself tested in your willingness to a commitment to improving our lives.  Not to a man, to a choice you make.  

Be careful not to let the enemy discourage you.. there are KORAH type people everywhere.  They are not your friends.

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