Sunday, December 11, 2016

Present Truth... the God who is NOW and has ever been and ever will be

I have a feeling this should be a whole book, but I'll sketch out a word or two in this blog.  A revelation of who God is.. the Great I AM. 

What this means to you and me is anything that is next year, next decade or in the future in God is not  of God.  He is, and He is present right now.  He is not waiting for anything.  The kingdom is now.  Christ is now with us.  He came. 

Healing is not some future event, it is for you now.. for you to experience, not "if it be God's will", it is. He proclaimed it.  Not everyone is healed but it is his will for you.  Same level as salvation.. available NOW to all but now all are.

Deliverance from demonic influence is for you NOW.  Not for some time in the future. NOW is the time.  You don't have to jump thru hoops.  You can receive it NOW. 

The word of God alive in your life thru wisdom, prophecy and knowledge is for you for now.  It isn't something you need to wait on. It's a flow of grace that manifests itself in the believer's life with great power. 

Miracles are for you right now.  You may not see them NOW, even the other manifestations may not be seen.. yet they already are.. and you look better in the future than you do now.

When we pray in tongues, speak out in tongues, interpret tongues we are speaking out in a now dimension.. God hears and for him it is all NOW.

What we fail to grasp is that in heaven which Jesus told us to pray on earth as in.. that in heaven it is all NOW.  There is no past in heaven, there is no future. There is only an ever-expanding NOW. 

Once I power of Present Truth in God and the concept of Kingdom NOW... it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulder.  Not waiting for some soon return, some rapture, some revelation of 666, some Antichrist, some mark of a beast.. Sure they are all patterns we see.. but in the nation of God it's all irrelevant.. We live in a kingdom not made by hands but by building blocks of saints. 

I can't and won't try to change your mind.  This kind of truth doesn't come by teaching or preaching but by the Supernatural Revelation thru the Holy Ghost.

Here's a clue on how to get at it.  Start reading the scripture as if it were all NOW.. present tense.  The historical books as a reference for understanding the new covenant, the Prophets and poetics as a window to who God is, not was.  And the Epistles and Revelation as a clue to how to grasp the now nature of the word of God.  Nothing is ABOUT TO HAPPEN.. Don't look to the stars, moons or sky for a sign.  He is with you right now.. as close as the hair on your body, as close as the air you breath.

One last thing, if you were to go back to the pilgrims that settled the USA they had a grasp of the NOW nature of God.  They weren't looking for the sky to part next week.  No white horses.  No rapture.

Even the Catholic and later the reformers like Luther were Amillenial.  Yes they did believe in a return of Christ of some kind and a resurrection of the dead... but they were also satisfied our task on earth was to build the Kingdom.  No new temple in Jerusalem, no red heifer.  

The whole end times and kingdom to come theology with a church waiting without spot or wrinkle is a theology only a couple hundred years old.  Time to let heaven come down to earth with a NOW revelation. 

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