Saturday, December 10, 2016

When "Truth" is viewed thru a prism, crucifixion follows for those who do not see what you do.

At this season reflecting on the Advent of Jesus and all the theology that follows I think of the violent reaction of those who reject the truth of who Jesus is.

The Pharisees hated him.  Called him names.  Were angry that he seemed to go against everything they thought they knew.  Eve though today we know HIM as the truth and the way.. he was reviled to the point where the cross was the only answer.  Demons, devils and deception rallied together to cry out Crucify him.

It is the same today.  When someone comes with truth that does not fit what you believe "EVERYONE" knows there is a violent reaction.  King Herod at hearing a truth responded to the Birth of Jesus by killing all males under the age of 2 in Bethlehem.  Of course Jesus and family were long gone.

Do not think it strange when you bring truth to people or point out something that is difficult for many to handle that there will be persecution.  The devil is a liar and the father of lies.

Here's how to know when you have stepped into the arena of demonic reaction to truth.
  • They will blame you for what is going on that isn't good in their eyes
  • They will predict that if you aren't stopped any way possible that things will get worse
  • You will be called all sorts of names 
  • The attack on you will be personal, direct and hurtful.  That's the intention.
  • You will be accused of thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that do not even come close
  • You will be called a heretic, stupid, ignorant and unlearned
  • You will be accused of being out of step with "conventional knowledge"

IF you do not conform the devil cannot abide the continued truth you bring countering his lies and will try to have you killed, not physically, but your reputation, honor and stature.  You will be hung on a cross of some kind.

This does not mean you should STOP speaking truth, standing for truth, proclaiming truth. It does mean that you should not be surprised when there is radical opposition.

This reality is not only in spiritual truths but any time truth is told.. expect persecution.. anger and crucifixion of who you really are.

Yet is is worth it to tell the truth.

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