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Kim Clement: Starting from 2012 to 2013, for a Seven-Year Period, Everything's Going to Move Upward

Kim Clement is a prophet that confuses and frustrates those who are looking to the natural to confirm what he brings by the Spirit of God. I have been following his prophetic words for two decades. I find him accurate but not as you think. He has been judged wrong by many. This is one of those words. IF you read this and conclude that everything is going to just be great, you will be disappointed. You must read what Kim writes with spiritual eyes and hear with ears of the Spirit. As a prophet, I get it. If you don't, maybe it's not for you. I challenge you to read this between the lines. It's a warning.

From Kim Clement:

Prophesied on August 9, 2011 from The Matrix:

Now I'm going to share with you the vision or the revelation that God gave me. I actually captured it on film and the Lord spoke to me and said, "I forbid you to share this with anybody." I showed my staff before that was told to me and they were absolutely amazed at what happened. Then I was toying with the idea of still sending it out and showing it on this program today, and so I went to sync my iPad, because that's where I captured it in the garden, and everything crashed and I lost it all. So God was trying to tell me that this is very sacred – you can tell the people about it, but I do not want you to show it. I don't know what the reason is, but I want you to know something, that that is why I'm telling you today what happened, and it's about the seven-year period that is coming upon us. It's absolutely incredible.

Before I say that, God has given to each one of us a gift to reach out and grab the good in someone else and launch them into the universe of the oracles – voices for God and light. I need to talk to you about this. These people know how to follow God and His oracular intimations. What is that? I've taught you on oracular intimations (click here to read on The Elijah List) – God speaks, intimating. He'll send signs, visions, signs and symbols, and oracular intimation is exactly that. It's an intimation, which means to indicate or make known indirectly, to hint, to imply and to impress. The wise men were led by Jesus by a star; the Israelites were led by a flame of fire at night and a cloud by day; the list goes on.

You say, "Well, we're under a new covenant." That's right – you're led by the Spirit, but the Spirit can lead you through a symbol, through a vision, through a sign. He can do whatever He likes; we don't tell Him how He does it. He spoke to Abraham in a vision and Gideon in a fleece. [Gideon] laid a coat of sheep's wool out and asked God to do certain things. I want you to read that sometime if you really want to learn more about it – in Judges 6:36-40.

Let me tell you what happened in the garden so that you can all be blessed by what He's about to do. I've just taught you and shown you that there's a season coming upon us where all of this will slowly be dismantled and you'll get your triple-A rating back and all that stuff. It's not about that; it's about greed. You see, it's all about greed. That's why God is being displeased. America's going to tighten the belt, America's going to understand now, through this lesson, and they're going to do something about it. America's resilient and America will come back, and they will get back from zero to hero. They'll get back to the top again. You've heard me saying all that, but now let me tell you about the oracular intimation.

"America, the Waters are Subsiding"

I was in my garden; I was extremely burdened. I was burdened because I was looking at what is happening in this nation. I'm looking at even what is happening with this president and the leadership of this nation and I'm saying, "God, what is it that you want me to tell the people?" I did something that I very seldom do in the garden. I said to the Lord, "I want you to send me a dove." Doves often come, but they never come into the garden – they've flown over, they've sat on the fence, but they've never come into my garden, specifically the way this happened. I know you're going to love this. I said, "God, I want You to send me a dove into my garden, onto my pathway." A lot of you have seen my pathway in my garden. It's where I walk up and down and I make my declarations, where I pray for you, where I worship Him.

Then I said, "And I want You to send me a hummingbird; it must come right into my garden, right by me, because of the fragrances and the spices that come out of my garden when I praise and worship You." I've always said, it's like God comes in the garden, like the hummingbird looks for something sweet. I've just always said that; that's my relationship with God, but I want you to understand so you get it.

So, I'm praying and I'm praying and I'm worshipping God, and suddenly I see this dove and it flies into my garden in front of me and turns around and walks down my garden. Now, I'm standing by the gate. In other words, I'm standing facing the pathway, as you've seen before. So I'm at the very entrance of it. I'm standing there, the dove comes in, it lands in front of me, turns its back on me, and walks down my pathway. Now, my team saw this. Listen to this: God's Spirit comes upon me and He says, "I'm speaking to you about America. I'm speaking to you about this nation. I'm speaking to you, and I'm going to send it over and over and over again, and this shall be a sign of what I'm going to do. For even as Noah sent out the dove..." Listen to me – that's when the floods were subsiding, the waters were subsiding, remember? "...That was a sign that the judgment or the bad season had come to an end."

So God said to me, "The waters are subsiding. The waters of famine and all that's been happening, they are subsiding right now," and the dove is a sign that God has found a resting place, and He has found a resting place in this nation, which means that even though there is wickedness, He is hearing the cries and the prayers of the saints and the people of the Most High God.

Starting from 2012 to 2013, for a Seven-Year Period, Everything's Going to Move Upward

Listen to this – number two comes in. The second dove comes in, lands in front of me, fearless – turns around and walks ahead, down my pathway. This happened within a period of ten minutes – twelve times it flew in, in front of me, and got closer and closer and closer, and turned and walked down my pathway and flew out again – twelve times. The Spirit of the Lord came upon me again. He said, "I'm speaking about 2012 and 2013." He spoke to me about this. He said, "2012 to 2013 – for a seven-year period – it's going to go up. Everything's going to move upward. I'm going to bring about a move of My Spirit, a shaking, for My goodness will be seen by the people. For a seven-year period, you're going to have exactly the opposite to what you've been experiencing now."

Someone give Him a shout of praise, because I can hear some of you at home saying, "I want to believe this. Is this just giving us false hope?" No, it's not. We've got to the worst place; the waters have subsided. The ark is now in a resting place; the dove has been sent forth. The dove has found a resting place, and I promise you by the Spirit of the Lord that beginning 2012 to 2013, that period of time, for a seven-year period, there will be enough, there will be provision, there will even be abundance. America shall even stand strong again. The move of the Spirit shall be so strong.

I've spoken about the year of the woman. You'll see what will happen when we go into 2012, how God's going to make adjustments – changes in the government, changes all over. A new party will emerge. Young people shall rise up and begin to do strange things for the Kingdom of God. Unusual miracles shall begin to happen through the very oldest to the very youngest. It shall be likened unto Zechariah and Elizabeth and Mary. There shall be a birthing of prophetic truth and a birthing of light in the darkest of darkest, of darkest, of darkest of times and periods. We've reached the worst.

Now God says, and says to you, the people of God, "All I need for you to do is to believe it and to pray it, for I will watch over My revelation. I will watch over My word and I will perform it," says the Lord. "But only those that will speak it shall receive it first."

Lord, I believe that will happen. I give praise to You. I know, God, that You did it for the widow woman with the prophet Elijah, where you filled her house first. We stand with our hands raised and say, "God, we want to be first in line. We want to see this happen. You've sent the dove to our homes, to America, and the prophet is prophesying that the floods have come to an end, that the waters are subsiding. And now, it's time to build a vineyard, just like Noah did, build a vineyard and celebrate the goodness of God."

For there is a new wine that is coming forth, which means a kingly anointing is coming upon this nation. Lord, I prophesy the kingly anointing upon each household, everyone that's listening to me right now, that the kingly anointing would rest upon each one of them, and I release that word into the Spirit right now in the name of Jesus.

It's very exciting. If you look at the pattern of the prophecies, it's telling us that something huge is going to happen. Something massive is going to happen, and it's restoration of the Tabernacle of David. It's a move of the Spirit that will reach from the oldest to the youngest. The time when Jesus was born, it was a terrible time – Rome ruling, corruption in religion. Jesus had to drive them out of the temple, so corrupt were they. Greed, perversion – exactly the same thing that was happening at the time of Eli when little Samuel was born. Do you think God has changed His mind? If He could send an Esther at the right time, can He not do it today?

It may be a quick work; I didn't say it won't be. It may be a very quick work, but a seven-year period where we're going to enter into a complete change of what we're experiencing now and what we've been experiencing the last few years. I think that's the best news you could hear today, because it's looking forward to something; therefore, use boldness of speech. If God could send Christ at a time when it was so dark, if He could do it over the years and through the centuries, if He could send a Moses to deliver them from Egypt – if He could do it then, He could do it today. From the oldest to the youngest, we're going to give birth to the prophetic like John the Baptist was brought forth through Elizabeth, and we've got to get excited about it. A good, good period of time is coming.

Looking from Behind Forward

Now listen to me; it even gets better. Twelve visits within a few minutes, the dove walks down the pathway. The Lord spoke to me about this being what I've been teaching you – when Moses stood before God and said, "I want to see You; I want Your presence; I want Your glory." And God said, "I will show you My back; I will not show you My face." When the dove flew in, it sat right in front of me, then turned around as if I wasn't there, and walked and had its back to me. I'll be teaching that in the future as well, because the back speaks of a lot. It's not just God's back, but it's having foresight. It's looking from behind forward. I'll teach that another time because it's a detailed teaching.

You have heard from the Spirit of the Lord. I'm standing in the garden – twelve visits; 2012–2013 is when it's all going to erupt. The dove has found a resting place, which means that God has now found the place He wants so that we can be released on the earth to do what He wants us to do. I'm standing in the garden, tears are pouring down from my eyes, because I know it's not coincidence, and as this is all happening, you'll never guess what happened – and it's so beautiful. Two little hummingbirds, the sweetest, smallest little things, came and sat above my head and hovered there, and you could hear them. It was frightening, because for a minute I didn't know what it was. That's within a ten or fifteen minute period.

When the doves kept coming, I kept taking movies of it because it was so unbelievable. Just think about it. God can do that for you. I'm praying that He'd send His dove into your garden, but this is for our nation, this is for the nations of the earth. The sweetness that God sends, and these little hummingbirds sat above me for, it seemed, 15 seconds or 20 seconds, and that's a long time for a hummingbird because they're busy little things. The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me again and He said, "Anything you ask, I'll give to you. Whatever you ask."

Kim Clement
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