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Kim Clement::: God Wants to Display His Glory in Israel Again

Kim Clement

Israel is About to Experience a Damascus Road Experience

Prophesied on July 27, 2011 from Israel:

While I was praying today, I had a very interesting word from the Lord about a Damascus Road experience that this nation [Israel] is about to experience. I'll teach a little bit more about that, but I want Sunil to come and we're going to share a bit of Code Breakers together. I may do this for you on Saturday for The Den, the actual message about what was happening prior to and after Paul's (Saul's) conversion – absolutely fascinating. There were great things happening and yet he was persecuting the Church. I'll share that with you in a while, but I believe that this nation is about to experience that. I'm not saying that they'll all fall on their knees and all call out to Messiah, but I feel like some very powerful people are going to meet Christ and it's going to make a difference.

I can feel the presence of destiny. I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe that. God put me here and said, "You must be a prophetic voice in Jerusalem, in Israel." And I can feel the presence of hope. A lot of people don't feel that. What is the hope? There's going to be a move of the Spirit, a tremendous move of the Spirit, and it's going to shake this nation and their enemies are going to look and say, "Why is this happening? They shouldn't be rejoicing." Did David not say in Psalms that He "will prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies?" That's what I'm excited about.

The Prime Minister of this nation, Netanyahu, has been on my heart since Nashville, when I got the first prophecy about him being like Jeremiah. Netanyahu is also a prophet, a prophetic voice, and we've got to pray for his protection, because I've had some insight into how they want to get to him. This man is a spiritual man and God has given me a word for him. I've not only prophesied it, but I'm now delivering it to him as well.

I've had some deep revelation – theophanies. Remember the School of the Prophet where I taught about a theophany? I've had those, where God has come to me. Just before I left to come to Israel, I had a very unique experience that I want to tell you about. It's difficult to speak about, because it happened in my garden where I went to pray the day before I left. As I was praying, my prayer time was extended; I usually spend 45 minutes to an hour. The Spirit of the Lord came into the garden, was ushered into my garden, and I felt Him so strongly; and He spoke about Netanyahu, and as He did, it was so strong that I fell on my knees and I began to weep.

Now I don't weep a lot, but I was so moved, and all I did was weep. I must have wept for about ten minutes, which is a long time to weep like that. And I had this moment – and I was on my knees for about 20 minutes – where I felt like God was about to move into his heart in such a big way, and I was carrying that and I was to pray for him, that God would protect him, because there were definitely going to be some attacks against him. But I wept because I heard Proverbs; I heard Proverbs chapter eight.

God Wants to Display His Glory in Israel Again

Prophesied on July 29, 2011 from Israel:

It's amazing how we've heard from God Himself that there's going to be this huge experience, a Damascus Road experience here in Israel. So, it means that the Messiah, before He comes, there's going to be an outpouring of His Spirit in Israel. That's the reason I'm here, because you see, a prophet is sent before the time to prepare the way. Even if nobody's listening to me, I can shout it from this mountain and it goes into the atmosphere and God's word is being spoken.

As I'm standing on the rooftop in Jerusalem, as I'm standing here on Mount Precipice overlooking all these mountains, this great history, I can feel that God is going to once again do what He did when He was with Elijah and poured out His Spirit right there in the presence of all these enemies that have surrounded Israel, that have these different religions. Remember, he was standing against the prophets of Baal because they were trying to invade and take away from the true God.

God wants to display His power; God wants to display His glory in Israel again and through the Church. Do you know what they say to me? Most of the people that I meet say if it were not for the Christians, for the evangelists and teachers and the Christ-people, that Israel would be destroyed. You and I have that responsibility.

I am the prophetic voice that God sent at this time to pronounce from this mountain all the great miracles that took place, all the great things that were done through Elijah and Elisha and all the great prophets, will once again take place. Now, how can that happen? Well, you hear the different religions that are all here trying to destroy Israel, trying to bring down the name of the God, the true God of Israel. Well, what is God going to do? He sent a prophet, Elijah, and that prophet brought rain from Heaven and destroyed the power of those voices. I'm not saying they're not going to be here, but they're not going to rule over Israel; they're not going to rule over the Christ that wants to rule and reign here.

"I Will Shine Upon Israel, and I Will Show the World that They Cannot Curse It"

And the Spirit of the Lord says, "I will not provide for Israel only; I will provide from Israel out, and they shall come and they shall say, 'Provide for us.'" All over! In other words, Israel shall become a resource not to themselves only but to the rest of the world. They will have people that will purchase it, and this shall prosper Israel even more. Think about what I've just said by the Spirit. In other words, the resource is not just for Israel. It's going to go out as well so that Israel will become more prosperous and more prosperous; and as Isaac, they will prosper so much so that their enemies will be so jealous, provoked to jealousy, and say, "Why Israel again? Why does Israel again be blessed? Why is it that from its soil, which we have cursed, has blessing come forth again?" They will be provoked to jealousy as the Philistines were provoked to jealousy with Isaac. Isaac, in that year, prospered a hundredfold. Think about it. They were provoked and said, "Leave us; leave us."

And so it shall be again that this resource and many others, many other resources that come from the soil – what will happen is, they will say, "OK, we will purchase from you. We will purchase from you," and Israel will then be blessed to a greater degree, and again, there will be provocation upon provocation, but God says, "I will shine upon Israel, and I will show the world that they cannot curse it, for what God has blessed, they must bless, and they will bless it."

And God says, "If they curse it, I shall curse them. Did I not say that to Abraham? Did I not say whoever blesses you, I will bless, and whoever curses you, I will curse? And therefore, that is why they've been cursed. They've been cursed from the top down, for they have cursed Israel." And God said, "That shall change. There shall be those that shall begin to bless it, and then they shall be blessed as well. That blessing shall be contained and shall be seen by the world."

God is Going to Bless America Again

It was like the Lord was saying, "This is not all for Israel. Israel doesn't need all this; it's for the world, and the world will have to, in the end, come to them, and America will bless Israel." I'm telling you, America is going to bless Israel in the next presidency. They will bless Israel, and you know what's going to happen? Because of that, God's going to bless America again.

Kim Clement
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