Monday, August 1, 2011

The Harvest only happens with Pain

I have been a farmer long enough to know that for the corn in the field harvest is a painful experience. It's a cutting down. It's a threshing out. It's a cleansing. It's a consolidation into a useful condition.

When the big green combine comes down the field, the corn doesn't say, "please come cut me off, please run me thru the separator, blow away my chaff". That's not what the harvest says. It says: "NOOOOO, let me stay here, let me alone. I can make it on my own. I don't want the pain of being cut off"

Yet if left alone the corn will break, the wild beasts will crush and consume it or it will rot in the field. It will perish.

Harvest preserves and perpetuates the future. Some corn will plant and produce new growth. It will live again. Not as it was, but in new birth. Some corn will sustain life.

As the days approach..true revival will come out of what looks painful, not out of comfort. It's how most people have come to Jesus, thru pain.

We will have great revival..we will have tremendous moves of God on the earth..but it won't come like most people think.

It will come from pain. Don't despise the day of the Lord. The harvest is plentiful.

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