Thursday, October 2, 2008

Saint Anyone, Pray for ME?

I don't know much about Catholic Saints. I don't ask them to pray for me. I don't embrace the theology that someone in heaven can intercede for me other than Jesus. That's Bible.

BUT, the beauty of a tradition that believes saints could pray for us is one I have wished were true. It's not and if you think about it, it can't be. There are so many saints that have changed worlds and now are in front of the throne of Jesus. Many are and should be revered. Some are unknown except to a few.

In heaven they only have worship of the Lamb before the throne in mind. You don't come up. Neither do I. There are no tears in heaven nor is there worry. You would worry them.

BUT, none the less it's a beautiful tradition.

Yesterday was St Therese de Lisieux Feast Day.
I was told this by a Catholic Brother. Everyday is a feast day for some saint or another. It doesn't take away from the beauty of the tradition. It also doesn't resolve the theological wanting of the idea that she can pray for us.

I would rather Honor these precious past for who they were here. There are so many good ones.

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