Friday, October 31, 2008

Praying Like a Lutheran

I am in the middle of a decision process on a change in life. I met with Pastor Phil yesterday and shared my dilemma with him . What it all means.

I wasn't asking for advice. I wasn't looking for guidance. I was simply sharing the dilemma.

My problem is this is for me neither fish nor fowl. It doesn't matter to me much which way it goes. I'm letting things move along at the pace it is supposed to.

I find myself praying like a Lutheran in this situation. "Thy Will be Done".

I get irritated sometimes if I pray with some people who use that as a cop out. No declaration. No word. No intentionality. Just "Thy Will be Done". Like for healing or finance. I know His will, I read His book.

But I find myself peacefully dealing with the decision with opening or closing doors, His Will.

Whatever Will be is OK with ME.

"His Will be Done"

This is most certainly true.

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