Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Harmony of the Prophetic on the Earth

I'm always amazed that about the time God tells me something in the still of the night he tells many other prophetic people the same thing at the same time.

That's how I know that it's a true word. The prophetic happens in seeming unison.

When I hear from God that a Curse was on the land, the next day I note the same thing from Rick Joyner.

When I hear from God that division is a part of Judgment, the same thing comes from Kim Clement.

Prophesied on September 26, 2008 - Nashville, Tennessee:

I Will Exalt Myself in the Presence of this Nation"

The Spirit of the Lord said, "At this very moment in time, in this nation, there are forces at work to divide as never before what I have spoken and what I have told would happen," says the Spirit of God.

"But yet I hear few that rejoice in the future of this nation. This night," says the Spirit of the Lord, "they will say, 'this one lost and this one won,'" but God said, "there shall be no winners. For I am going to change things within the week and they will say, 'but the system has fallen and has let us down.'" But God said, "Do you not realize that when I stood outside of Capernaum, I saw satan fall like lightning from Heaven?

"This is a night to remember," says the Spirit of the Lord, "for even that hour as I stood before Capernaum, I spoke to the prince of the air and said, 'oh prince of darkness, you have exalted yourself into the heavens, but you shall be brought down to Hades.'"

God says, "The exalted spirits of this nation that have been placed into positions of power, they have been struck by light," says the Spirit of God. "For even in that word that I spoke, I said, 'I see satan as if struck by light brought down from Heaven, brought down from his lofty place.'" God said, "This week, he shall be brought down from a lofty place and I will exalt Myself in the presence of this nation," says the Lord!

It's astounding. There is no explanation except that there is a God, his name is Jesus, He's on the Throne and the Throne Speaks. (That's for another time, I have a revelation of the Throne of God from Revelation that you may want to hear, It's a way to understand the unity in trinity you haven't up till now. I'm waiting for the spirit of God to teach me more on this).

The Father never does anything unless he tells his prophets first. Amos 3:7

That is certain and when you hear it over and over you know it's God, not Gene.

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