Sunday, October 5, 2008

End or Beginnng

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThis morning I was asked a question. I believe it was a prompting of the Lord. He asked me, "Is this the beginning or the end of this season?"

I look around. Trees are losing their leaves. They will be barren in a few weeks. Cold will come. Snow. Wind. Freezing.

It will look by outside evidence that all hope is lost. Nothing will grow again. That's what winter seems like.

But then, fall ends, winter begins and once more the spring comes. Flowers bloom, springtime is here winter is past. So is spring a beginning or is spring the result of a cleansing and renewal process that while painful bears much fruit.

The Jewish Calender begins at the end of September, beginning of October. I wonder if we haven't misunderstood true new beginnings. That in fact this is the beginning of new life.

I'm impressed of the Lord to say to his people. It looks like everything is falling and dying, that freeze ups are coming, cold dark and depressing days are here. But those days must be so that new life, a new order can come.

I still believe something was present in the 777 precipitous drop that followed bad news. Like the mass drop of leaves that follows every cold snap.

We think it's loss. It's not. It's new life coming thru. This is not an end. This is a new beginning.

Evenso Come Lord Jesus.

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