Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Great Post on the Gift of Tounges

I have been reading Revival Blog for a while.

Recently the Pastor who writes this writes about the gift of Tongues and interpretation as happened in the church. He takes the occasion to explain a bit about it all.

It's very instructive.

I have been in hundreds of meetings like this where exactly this occurred. It is always in order and always encouraging.

I particularly appreciate this Pastor saying:

For those that have only heard a prophecy on TBN or by the big name prophets, let me share a secret with you. Very few genuine, weighty, accurate prophecies are spoken by the seasoned prophets in a poetic, eloquent cantor. As a matter of fact, I am more likely to put faith in the words of a person who bursts forth in speaking with a stammer and great humility than the finely crafted oratory of a wordsmith.

When I first got saved, I attended a church that had one guy in the whole church who would prophesy. He was viewed as the super-spiritual one. When I was sent out from that church, he was still the only one that brought prophetic words.

Amen Pastor.

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Anonymous said...

I love the Revival Blog. Precious. Anyhoo when I first became baptised in the Holy Spirit I went to an Assembly of God church. I was freaked out the first time the pastor was preaching and a lady popped up and started booming something. I thought well, that isn't very nice. Then the pastor went on just like nothing happened with a few ooo's and ahh's going on.

I still think that is hilarious. I am not used to that now, when there is prophecy, the person is given the mic and you don't get the mic unless the pastor knows you. At least now you know that something unusual is going on and that you need to listen instead of wondering who in the heck the rude person is standing up interrupting the pastor :).