Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Question for Prophets

I got this from the link below. I think the question is pretty well asked. So I pass it on. I feel a weight by not being declarational in the Prophetic. Carl Nudges me.

A Question for the Modern Prophetic Movement - What Are You Talking About?

October 30th, 2008

by Carl Thomas of revival blog

I operate in the prophetic but I am not a prophet and as I look at the modern prophetic movement I sometimes wonder if anyone really is. I could site a million examples but this election season gives a glaring example of what is amiss in this ministry.

The notion that we will get the President we deserve instead of the one we need is patently unbiblical and is founded in false doctrine. And the thought that the final tally of the electoral college will decide God’s dealing with America is a doctrine of demons. Let me give a little class on prophetic signs. The most senior Senator in Congress, a Republican, was convicted of seven counts of ethics violations exactly a week before the election. This my friends is a prophetic sign. The party that has billed itself as the party of Jesus and family values has truly lost its ways. If you cannot see this you are either blind or a liar. God has even given this sign but the Church, in her pride and self righteousness, will not see it.

God does judge righteousness but He has a special loathing for hypocrisy.

I subscribe to the theory of three governments. There is the government of the home, which is lead by the priest of the house. There is the church government which is lead [on earth] by the elders. And there is the civil government which is lead by elected, inherited, or self-appointed leaders. Each is anointed for a specific realm. Each set of leaders will be judged by how they lead the area they have biblical control over. By and large, each is to limit their control to the area they have been appointed to by God.

Ever been in a church when the pastors muck around in family affairs? Ever seen a country where the church exerts control over the government? Ever been a pastor in a church that is run by a few deacons? None of these scenarios work. In fact, I am hard pressed to find good examples of any of them.

But this basic principle is disregarded by the modern church because they would rather exert control by government then take up the God given authority to win the lost and change hearts.

News flash: Born again, spirit-filled, sanctified Christians don’t gamble, get drunk, live their entire lives on welfare and have abortions. Government is not the answer. The answer is a revival of religion in the United Sates. Quit trying to shift our responsibility onto the government.

Under the wicked, christian-murdering government of Rome the Holy Spirit was given and whole nations were turned upside down. Now we are told that if the government is not righteous God will curse the land.

I just got a word, Bible. Crack it open, read what it says. And stop the stupid fear mongering. Jesus has not come back to Judge the earth through a presidential election.

I did receive a prophetic word that actually has the breath of God on it. It did not come from a national book tour prophet. It came from Pastor Theresa Phillips in Chicago. Read it and be blessed:

In worship Wednesday night 29 October /08 I was taken up by the wings of love …far up above the earth, above the America continent.

I ascended being carried by such love and adoration for mankind.

I could feel the gentle touch of the Presence that escorted me beyond the earthly realm.

I was peering down into the earth when I spotted a ring of fire.

It surrounded the White House .

Then it surrounded the city of Washington DC the Capitol and all the Monuments and the ENTIRE CITY

Instantly coming from behind me was a new wind… in this wind was the American bald eagle he was soaring with great strength

He soared past me not one wing flapping in his eyes were blazes of fire.

He was totally focused on Washington DC. in his beak He carried an olive branch .

This eagle soared all across the DC. area and around the White House. He did this several times.

Then he took off and went north… Moving very fast soaring

The wind of the Spirit was in His Wings and he moved not wing he just soared

It went to Russia ,China, Hungary ,Paraguay , South America ,Cuba Hawaii At one point i saw the Dome of the Rock and I saw Him soar over it three times.

And back to the U.S.A . soaring thru the entire country and landed in Washington DC.On the roof of the White House. Where I last saw him perched on the flag pole.


The word of the Lord spoke to me

“This olive branch is what I have placed in the mouth of the prophets I place an OLIVE BRANCH IN THE PROPHETS MOUTH America Prophets .

Prophets of America, prophecy rightly in grace and save the world from destruction.

It will be the fire of the prophets who will change the course of a nation . A holy fire !”

“These nations that were circled are where the nations where many prophets are in hiding.

American prophets prophecy to them courage to speak and have grace ”

“Judgment begins in the house of the Lord not on the land of men I will begin to show great discernment in the House of My Children says the Lord!”

“I have not sent judgment I am sending A Prophetic Grace which will speak to MY church so they will love again.”

For through this OLIVE BRANCH will love be extended by the hand of the King Of Kings across the earth

GOD bless the Mouth of the Prophets


prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

I just want to encourage you Prophet gene,in what your writing on here...And I so appreciate the visionary prophesying of Pastor lovely..nice

Anonymous said...

oh I know of Theresa! Awesome!

Yes, we do seem to be surrounded by Jonah like prophets :D.

God doesn't need to give us a whuppin throught a president. If we need a whuppin, it'll come.

I personally think he likes us.