Thursday, October 23, 2008

Presuming on God

The tension between trusting God and Human Fleshly efforts is the manifestation of our faith we all struggle with.

I do.

I trust God to do what he will do. Yet at the same time I am clear that I must do all I can.

It's a little like instructing someone who is interested in receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in Tongues. Many say to me, IF God wanted me to have this he would give it to me.

God wants us to have a lot of things. He's Jehovah Jaira. God our provider. Yet in his word, it says that if you don't work (this assumes you are able), you shouldn't expect anyone to take care of you. God wants everyone to be saved. Yet, if no one hears the word proclaimed, they won't be saved. How can they believe unless someone tells us.

When I instruct someone on the Gift of Tongues, I tell them that after they have asked God, are certain of the will of God for them to receive, that they must then move their lips, make a sound, not try to form words, leave their understanding behind and see what happens. Only a few sounds are needed to start. Once God has our obedience, the rest will follow gloriously. It might take a little while but it will follow.

I am in the middle of a venture that right now has spent too much capital on the idea that If God Wills it, then it will come to pass. Not the election. A ministry venture.

Sorry folks, if you didn't do the hard work, if you just sat around and expected God to provide without any work from you, you are about to be terribly disappointed.

When we do nothing and expect God to do it all we fail ourselves and God.

Keith Green said it best when he sang in the Song, He'll take care of the rest:
You know it ain't no use, banging your head, up against that cold stone wall,

Cause nobody's perfect, except for the lord, and even the best bound to fall,

Remember he is de vine, and you are de branch,

He'd love to get you through it if you'd give him a chance,

Just keep doing your best,

And pray that it's blessed,

And Jesus takes care of the rest.

That includes YOU doing your best first, praying that it's blessed, then having done all to stand.


Some people get that backwards.

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