Thursday, October 23, 2008

Prophetic Perspective from Kim Clement

Kim Clement gives a video instruction on the Prophetic Over the Economy.

It's worth watching. I suspect that if you don't understand the prophetic gift you will be able to understand what is said by God thru his Prophets.

I suggest you should watch the whole thing.

Kim Clement is one of my Favorite Prophets. If I am able to mature in the Prophetic to this level I will be better as a servant.

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Ron McK said...

I listened to this a few days ago amd I am not sure if he really gets it. What struck me is that this has all the hallmarks of personal prophecy. There are some predictions, but the basic message is, “Keep on doing what you are doing and God will bless you.”

The big difference is that this is personal prophecy to a mass market.

I did not find answers to any of the questions that I ask when I am assessing a prophecy to a nation.

Gene, you you could be a more powerful prophet to your nation than Clement, if you stopped fretting about Bush, Palin, Obama and the liberals. They are just the symptoms. Stop looking for confirmation from others, and really press into the revelation you started to get last Tuesday and find out what is really going on in your nation. Why don't you find out what the Lord is really up to.

None of the other prophets seem to be working at it. I suspect that one reason is that they have to keep the money coming into to support their organisation, so they do not want to spook the horses. You are free from that, so you could go all the way to the truth.