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Kim Clement on the World we Live in Today

Kim Clement is one Prophet I read carefully. He has been so accurate so many times. Read this and consider what it might mean to you.

Prophesied September 19, 2008 - Detroit, Michigan:

kim clement"I Gave a Generation So Much"

For the Spirit of the Lord says, "Even as you make declaration that I rule the earth, is it not an insult to the Creator to speak on His behalf and say, 'things are out of control'? My Son made these words known: I will build My Church, I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail. I will build My Church."

For God said, "I gave a generation so much, unlocked the keys because of a revival that I sent in 1948. I gave keys and people condemned this revival and they said it was not of God because the people shook. They said it was not of God because the people fell. They said it was not of God because of what they did and the manifestations.

"And yet, because of that, keys were given and talents were given to a generation, and because of those talents, I brought this nation out of depression. I brought this nation out of war. I brought this nation to a place where Jesus was engraved upon the skins of young men and women. I brought this nation to the place where songs were birthed from groups that were once condemned as rock n' roll, and they sang about Jesus. It was called the 'Jesus movement.'

"This all came because some prayed together in 1948. And I sent these strange experiences and yet today, I must listen and be insulted," says the Lord, "when they who call themselves voices of God and would condemn and constantly bring judgment upon this nation." You have been through it, and God said, "My Church has arisen and has come to the fore every single time."

"I Will Introduce Myself Starting in Wall Street..."

"There is a great need at this hour, but do you really think that I am going to cause your economy to 'go to hell?'" For the Spirit of the Lord says, "What is happening today, what has happened today and what will happen tomorrow and on Monday," God said, "will shake the nation and they will say, 'is there any more hope for this nation, is there any more hope? Is there any more hope?'"

And God said, "Who rules the nations? Who is he that rules the nations? They will say, 'it's costing the government billions of dollars to erect what has fallen.'" But God said, "Do you not understand that sometimes these things happen because men have relied on filthy lucre, men have relied on their power and as their strong arm finances, silver and gold? They have relied upon oil, they have relied upon earth and soil. And this has been their strength.

"Now, once again, I will introduce Myself starting in Wall Street and going through the Stock Exchange and on the Northeast of America to the Midwest, down to the South I will introduce Myself as the strength of this nation again," says the Lord of Hosts!

"This will go from strength to strength and men who relied upon the rising of their funds, now they say, 'where do we go, where do we go?' Where can they go but to the Lord? For I have already determined it that My Church will not go under because I am building My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it," says the Lord!

For God said, "They could not rely upon Greenspan, they could not rely upon men of great financial integrity. I will take even the wealthiest and the richest and the most powerful and I will cause them to say, 'we have nowhere to go.'" God said, "Do not concern yourselves, saints of the Most High God. For even as Daniel prospered in Babylon and Joseph prospered in Egypt, so shall ye prosper as you sing in the presence of those," God says.

Prophesied September 20, 2008 - Detroit, Michigan:

"I Am the One"

"Death, hell and the grave have no power. I am the resurrection and the life. I am He that holds the keys to death, hell and the grave. Death, where is your victory? Grave, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting? I am the rider on the horse. I am the resurrection and the life. I hold the keys to death, hell and the grave. I am the One, I am the One; the resurrection and the life. I hold the keys to death, hell and the grave."

God says, "There's a stench coming from the grave, from the hearts of the people who come as enemies to this nation. There's a stench coming from the pit, coming from the pit of their beings saying, 'we will bring down the God of America.' But who do they think they are? I'm the One, I'm the One, I'm the One, the resurrection and the life!

"There's a stench coming from the people that have said, 'I will bring down the God of America.' Who do they think they are? I am the One that's on the horse, I am the King of kings, the resurrection and the life. Who do they think they are to say I am no longer the One? Who do they think they are who say I am obsolete, I am no longer living? Who do they think they are who say I have gone never to return? What do you think they are to say to Me, 'You are no longer the One'? I gave My life, I gave My song, I gave My heart. I gave My heart, I gave My song to the ones that crucified Me.

"There's a nation crying out for children. There's a nation crying out for children. They have taken the children of Mine, wanting them to be adults. There's a nation crying out for children that will cry to the Father. And this nation, America, will never, never look away from the holy child, from the holy child who will come. The restoration of this nation, and you'll be great again, America, you'll be great again. You'll be great again, America!

"Because the prayers of the fathers, they have not died. From sea to shining sea, they will bow their knee. You'll be great again, America! You'll stand again, America! You'll stand proud again, America, from sea to shining sea they'll bend their knee. They'll bow their knee to the One and only Son. You'll be great again, America. You'll stand tall again, America. You'll be proud to say, 'we are the nation, the brave, the free, those that bring liberty.' From sea to shining sea they will bend their knee."

"I Will Cause the Next Four Years to Be a Rulership Under Me"

This is the word of the Lord: "You have come to hear what I have set aside for this nation for the next four years. Can a man restore order? Can a man bring change? None of those that stand shall do anything that they say. They shall attempt, but without My presence and the acknowledgment of the Christ that was laid into the foundation, in the cornerstone of this nation, no man shall qualify to do anything."

God said, "Even as this night you remember these words and you have allowed My prophet to prophesy the deep mysteries of the Kingdom, for it shall be a massive and very strange happening, when they shall say, 'why are the Democrats and the Republicans suddenly joining forces with certain issues?' This shall be the working of the Lord. This shall be a presentation that shall shock and nullify those who have attempted to say, 'America will never stand united again.'"

For God said, "You shall have two very severe enemies suddenly rise up against you," and God said, "you will not go to another war, for I will prevent it. Because I will take certain things that shall be manifested and they shall begin to withdraw because of the great authority that shall come; because of the unity of this event that shall take place in the United States of America." For God says, "They shall say, 'we have no choice but to join hands, we have got to lay aside our differences.'" And the Spirit of the Lord said, "It shall be a marvelous thing. It shall confound your enemies."

For God said, "I will cause the next four years to be a rulership under Me and under the Lord God Almighty and under the banner of the Trinity, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Do not say, 'God has forsaken America.' I have just told you through My prophet that there shall be so many changes and America shall be known as great and they shall be proud for they have attempted to help and unite other nations."

But now God said, "There is discord amongst this nation. I will cause you to be surprised," for God said, "you will look and you will say, 'look, things have happened that we never dreamed would happen.' Therefore let Me rule, let Me reign. For the peace of God is about to rest upon this nation. Yeah, it shall be My will to speak goodness and goodness shall happen," says the Spirit of God!

Therefore God said, "Do not look back and say, 'oh, we have to go back a few years.'" God said, "You're not going back, for I have already got the inventions ready for you to have the energy that you need so that you can be self-sufficient. It's going to happen so quickly." And God said, "Even now, even at this time, during the Thanksgiving of this year, I shall unfold many many things in this order."

Therefore God said, "Look, prosperity is coming back to you. Do not look and say, 'Wall Street' and do not say, 'the Stock Market' and do not say, 'this or that.'" God said, "I have looked at you and you are the apple of My eye; and because you are the apple of My eye, I will come to you like I came to David and rescue you from the enemy that has tried to pull you down," says the Lord!

Kim Clement
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