Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prophetic Analysis of Opportunity

Reason and Faith can be opposites in dealing with issues of consequence. Sometimes life hands me opportunities and I have to go beyond simple reason and ask myself some questions of the Spirit. If you read and heed these questions you will avoid the pitfalls in making bad regrettable decisions. I would also invite any other guidelines that you might have:

  • Money. Pastor Dan used to say to me, If it means more money it's probably God's Will. I loved Pastor Dan. He was my spiritual father and brother. He's gone now. I don't think he was right. Sometimes a bag of poison snakes comes dressed up as a pretty blessing. Learn to look past the money.
  • Does this enhance your gift to the body of Christ or diminish it. In my case, does this amplify or mute the voice of the Prophet to my Generation.
  • What master does this opportunity cause me to serve?
  • Do I have peace in doing this? Or, is there a major check in my spirit? Now, to be fair, all change comes equipped with a check in the spirit. It's that Check of the Check I look for. The one that let's me know that to do this thing is rebellion.
  • What motivation is behind considering this option? Any? Can I identify them?
  • Does this opportunity have the probability of taking me off the track God has me on?
  • Is there in the Word of God admonition that relates to this opportunity? If so, can I perceive it rightly?

I'm sure there are other. I solicit your thoughts. In my quiet time I pondered this. YES, this is about me. I have an opportunity that looks good, but I am careful to not be deceived.

Sometimes not every good idea is....

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prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

I was just kinda drifting into some of these thoughts the other day...this is some good revelation thoughts about money....I cant rebuild myself totally with just the money I know Ill be left just empty again...though there is a prosperity given to us pressed down and flowing over im still trying to understand the balance to it all....thanks for this insight