Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hearing God

People have wondered how I hear the voice of God. It's not a mystery. I have disciplined myself to be absolutely silent in the presence of God. No music. I don't pray in tongues (except as preparation). I sit or lay down very quietly until I hear the still small voice.

I listen to see if it lines up with scripture so I know it's not me.

It is like a small seed and then it blossoms into a full tree. It all happens very quickly.

If I have any distractions at all I lose what the Lord is saying.

It's all about the still small voice. If you aren't small and still you can't hear his voice.

Then in that quiet I record what I hear. Sometimes I let it gestate until it's complete.

The real discipline I had to develop was to shut off everything in my life to hear him. I have learned to shut off my mind from even having outside thought.

I hope I haven't turned you off, but it's important for those who want to develop the prophetic gift to know what is needed.

Quiet time. A lot of Quiet time. All alone. Don't even read your bible. Think about nothing.

Unless you want to inquire of the Lord in the area. Write it down. Speak it out. Don't be impatient. He will answer, it might take days but he always answers.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you moderate your blog so I know that this won't be published. But what you describe is a new age technique and telling people not to read their Bible is the utmost in blasphemy. I will continue to pray for you.

Gene said...

If you think I don't want people to read, study and memorize the Bible, the very word of God, the living testament you are strangely mistaken.

I have for years railed against Biblical ignorance.

The person who knows the word that well has the capacity to strain what he hears in his spirit.

The problem is that many people sit and read their bible without listening to God's voice in their spirit. They will hear him thru the word, that's all good, but what if God wants to say a special word to them? If they are reading they aren't listening.

People need to listen. Not Read. Not then.

This is not new age. I have more than once gone away with just water, a notebook and my bible to fast and pray to hear the word of God. I have from that experience learned that silence after praying and reading for a very long time opens the windows of heaven in revelation.

SO, if it's OK with you, and even if it's not. I'll advise people to have their quiet time.

If they want to have devotions, Which is something different, get your My Upmoat for His Highest. Or your Portals of Prayer and do that.

But don't expect to hear the voice of God in that time. Too much noise.

I challenge you to try it. Sit quietly. Notebook in hand. After you have prayed, read and whatever else you want to do. Sit absolutely still. Don't think. Pray in tongues if you can. Quietly.

Then listen. God will speak. Write down what he says.

You will be astounded.