Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Word for The Nation, The Economy, The Chicago Area and a Dire Warning

I have already published a general word of the Lord for this time. I believed that an additional word of the Lord was coming forth. There are some specifics that must be told:

In the past there have been words given that described the changes in the economics in this nation. All of those things are still in operation. They have been slowed by Government intervention but not avoided. Intense monetary policy has caused the train to slow to sometimes an almost indiscernible pace. Yet the train is still on the track, it's end is predictable and clear.

After the Bust of 2008 that was the result of prayers sent up to heaven to tear down Baal, the Baal system was torn down. The 777 point drop at the end of September 2008 was a clear signal that change was at the hand of God.

Father says:
What you see all around you is not wrath, but judgment out of love. I will restore the places that had been captured by the enemy to your possession. This is a complete reordering of the systems that the world and it's demonic overlords have used to keep my people from being what I called them to be. I will destroy those things, those weapons formed against you. Not prospering, no effectiveness. They are insidious and evil, they will keep you in chains if they can. You were meant for more. Shake off those chains.
The pattern was clearly laid out right after the collapse of 2008. First a bust, then a minor rebound, then a classic bust in early March of 2009, then a rebound with intermittent adjustments. During that time I prophesied that the market would rebound to about the 10,500 level using the Dow as a measure. It has exceeded this by almost a thousand points. YET for all the market rebound the pattern is clearly in place.

IF you had bought a market basket of stocks on the first trading day of January 2010 and sold them On December 31, 2010 you would have earned 11%. You would have seen huge market ups, downs, the flash crash and several other radical moves. You would have taken a HUGE risk to achieve a small gain. The economy and the market that lives as a result of it is more fragile than we want to admit. Unemployment is weak and not going anywhere. Housing values must still drop another 20%. Currency values world wide are being eroded when compared to core commodity values. Even though the dollar compared to other currencies is stronger then weaker, it is like we are comparing two $5000 cats to a $10,000 dog. There is no foundation under any currency (other than Switzerland and a few others). Therefore comparing our fiat money with someone else's fiat money is fiat itself.

There has still not been a huge rollback or collapse in the Commercial real estate market. REITs have kept this market active. Buying things with other people's money in the hope, even belief that prices HAVE to hold up has propped up the market.

Add to all the pressures on the market because there is no fundamental underpinning the price of Oil and all other food and materials commodities. Copper is up over 2 years ago almost 400%. China is buying everything in sight...with fiat money. As long as that strategy holds up and people are willing to sell to them, things will be OK.

There is at the door a time when everything will be called into question. Trade barriers. Currency wars. Even Cyber wars. This will be driven by a desire on the part of sovereign countries to protect their own economies. It will not work. One will cause another to fall. There will be exceptions. Russia. The middle east. Brazil. But, much of the world will go thru this together.

The higher prices for commodities will act as an insidious tax on the economies of the world. It will create such contraction that in fact the predictions of $5 oil in the USA will fail to come to pass in the short term. People will stop using as much oil as the price goes higher. This will manifest in the world. And the price of Oil will retreat. There is no shortage of oil in the world, there is a shortage of cheap oil. But Oil cannot go up in price forever. When economies collapse, oil prices will too.

What you have seen in the last year has been a flight to safety sought first in the Bond market, then in the equities (stock) market. That will end for good in by the end of July as I see the future. The market you see now will drop radically. As that market proves to be more and more fragile, people are looking to commodities. Gold, Silver, Ag. Commodities that have some potential for holding value. There is an underlying understanding that the markets are overvalued. That our money is rapidly being devalued. In fact, from the Mid 2000's to now it is already declined in real value by 25%. That won't change, it will accelerate. A dollar in 2005 will be worth a dime by the end of this new decade.

Every nation pays it's overwhelming national debts with monetized money. Money made up. Fiat money to pay off overblown indebtedness. Our international partners will put up with some of this because they have ways of laying off the risks in buying asset preserving instruments.

States, cities and individuals have no such power. Right now many states in the USA are bankrupt. Many cities as well. The primary cause of this bankruptcy is pensions owed to individuals who work or worked for the states and cities. These pensions are unpayable. There is no political will to deal with this. The result is that defaults will happen. There will be no checks sent. Riots and other forms of civil unrest will happen. Unions will attempt to muscle money out of the public sector. The public sector has no money. The public sector will attempt to muscle the money out of the private sector. This is a fleece the people mentality. It will in fact result in violence we have not seen in this nation in decades. People will die. Military will be needed to quell the riots. The result will be the reduction of human rights and civil liberties.

This State and City bankruptcy will foment economic and social collapse. One that no politician can cure. Not republicans, tea party, democrat. No one. This will cause crimes of necessity. People will steal from one another out of need. Something we have not seen since the middle 1930s. Violence and lawlessness will increase.

Aggravating all this will be the realization that the education system in this nation has issued empty useless degrees. People have come out of schools, universities and colleges with credentials that have prepared them for nothing. People with huge student debt will find no place to apply their education no matter how good their qualifications seems to be. There will be no jobs. These young people will become a difficulty in our economy as they clamor to take their place but are woefully unprepared to do so. There will be a backlash from the youth.

This circumstance seems dire. Hopeless. Beyond belief. Yet it will happen. It may not all happen in this year. I can tell you what, I cannot tell you when. Political and economic manipulation may forestall things for a little while but people must go thru these things to enter into the new place Father has prepared. The old system had no future whatsoever. This is a new thing. We must embrace it.

Prophetic word of the Lord for these difficult times ahead:
I am making right what has been wrong for too long. I am releasing the captives. Bringing you out of Egypt. You are about cross over. Prepare for war. There are Giants.

This is a new day. There are new changes, new discoveries hidden just from view. Energy breakthroughs. Computing breakthroughs. Medical Breakthroughs. These will change your world. But first I must make the wrong things right. I must bring that which was stolen to it's rightful place.

There will be huge opportunities in the years to come. I will give you witty inventions from secret places. A strategy dependent on a bankrupt government, state or city will fail. My desire is to multiply your provision. To bless your coming and going. To give you supernatural increase. If you limit yourself to incomes from government or a job you limit my ability to increase your harvest. Give ME the chance to touch your provision flow and I will.

Have no fear, the props that you have depended upon for so long will soon disappear. You will learn how to live in supernatural abundance. Manna provision will become your portion. Every day I will provide. You will see My glory all around you. It is your new life.

This will be the greatest day of My TRUE church. Those who call themselves My church but are not will find themselves stripped clean of any pretense. Many will fall. Many church buildings will be sold or abandoned. This too is My judgment. I am taking away every prop, every support that is not fully focused on ME. There will be many pure works who's intentions are toward EQUIPPING my people. Who are preparing my people to rule and reign here on earth. Who are building hope and vision in my people to take ground back from the enemy. Businesses will be formed in this time. This will be a time of tremendous opportunity. Fortunes will be made. Ministry will prosper, even explode as they do what I call them to do. Stand shoulder to shoulder as you walk forward and the enemy will retreat. Alone you will fall. It's time for UNITY. My body shall be one body.

My shepherds will need to be wise counsel for those abandoned by government and it's corrupt systems. Many will be set aside and forgotten. This will require supernatural wisdom in how to minister mercifully to the broken. Some of those finding themselves abandoned by government will need to discover the anointing and ability I gave them to enter into the destiny prepared for them. As they are released into this greatness many will discover joy and fulfillment at their gifting. They will become keys in my kingdom.

This is a new day, a better day, a day of peril, but a day of opportunity. Trust not in any flesh, it will fail, trust only in Me. As My people stay strong as salt and light to the world they will show the way and many will come. Many in need will bow the knee and I will heal their land. This will be a day of plentiful harvest of souls.

Families will once again bind together for purpose. Fathers and sons will once again work hand in hand to provide. The hand of help they thought was provision will have been revealed to have been a shackle. It will become easy to shake off when it no longer holds them captive.

Having once been freed from bondage, it will be very difficult to once again place them back in bondage. This will be an overcoming generation. One that will live free.

Seek my face, call for supernatural protection, ask for vision, see my destiny for you and you will walk in greatness when all about you is falling and failing. I have chose YOU to carry my torch and lead the way. You shall be my witnesses.

There will come dangerous days ahead. Danger lurks because of evil men who are driven by demonic impulses. When the days ahead are the darkest, there is danger from upheaval that could even end the life of your President. Late autumn is when the difficulties will have been at fullness; the time when these plots will manifest. Only the prayers of the saints can preserve him. IF MY PEOPLE....HUMBLE and PRAY...I will HEAL.

Watch and Pray



Anonymous said...

new years day its a dead silence in the armosphere as if God himself is listening......collaspse of the dollar is i believe a true prediction , a train is coming,,,right on target prophetically for now is the time,,yes he also wants to rebuild but we have to let him,,will the nation let him? thanks for your predictions foresight this year..

Keri said...

This is allot to take in and sobering. I want to make myself ready for what is ahead. I am not sure I am ready at this time. This word seems to line up with Dr D.K. Olukoya's for this new year. Found at

Margaret said...

I have been waiting for a confirming word from the Lord concerning my job and I found it within this prophecy! I also take this whole prophecy to heart. Praise God for it and for Prophet Gene.