Sunday, January 30, 2011

Becca Greenwood at Covenant of Faith, Colorado Springs by David L. Smith

NOTES from today: Becca Greenwood shared at Covenant of Faith (w/ Pastor Anthony Turner). She had some awesome Words for Colorado Springs, and for Covenant of Faith.

Here are some of my notes, from the sharing/teaching: (paraphrased to highlight what I picked up from the Words that she spoke)

* "if you don't know your difference, you have not discovered your destiny";
* Holy Spirit is The Helper - YOU are the Do'er;
* - claim your Pentecost moment;
* - Colorado Springs is a training ground for spiritual warfare;
* - What 'Jerusalem' has God placed you in? Where God has sent you/placed you is YOUR Jerusalem. Lay hold on YOUR Jerusalem.;
* Colorado Springs will no longer be considered a 'forsaken' city;
* Verses for Colorado Springs: Hebrews 11:11; Proverbs 11:11
* People will look at Colorado Springs, and say: "Look what the Lord has done!";
* it is time for the Lame Man (Colorado Springs) of Acts 3:1-13 to rise up and walk;

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