Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birds falling from the sky

No one knows how or why any of this happened. There is a clue. The first two events all happened at the same time. VIRTUALLY. The second two at exactly the same time. Just coindience, right? No.

Father knows why. Who. How.

IF I were a powerful force and wanted to demonstrate my power to a government wouldn't doing exactly these things in this way send a message that we aren't at war, yet, but if we were you would already be dead. We are not going to kill you, just own you. A demonstration so the Atom Bomb wouldn't have to be dropped?

You are ours any time we want they seem to be saying. I don't think the government of the USA can admit to it's people that we are at war and cannot match the others power. Expect an EMT.

IF all this were the case, who is this? Not our government. We have nothing like this. Someone. I'll let you speculate. I think I know.

Let me be clear, this is not YET the word of the Lord. I just had this impression and connected dots. Let's see what does happen. Be ready.


Chuckles said...


Anonymous said...

GENE! Did you consult with Father before posting this stuff?! This column is just embarrassing. It has been proven with about 110% certainty that the LA "missile" contrail was made by UPS flight UPS902, flying from Hawaii to LA. The missile thing has been throughly debunked and discredited.



Do not post this comment. It is meant just for your eyes.

Ron McK said...

Dead fish in NZ too.

Stephen said...

These events could have been caused by scalar weapons, which use an immensely powerful form of electromagnetic energy. A couple of nations are believed to have possessed them for decades. Theoretically, they can do anything from manipulating the weather to shorting out the nervous systems of living things over very large areas. They can even knock out electrical power systems. Conventional weapons are not effective against them because of the technology they utilize.

Gene said...

Sorry ANON. I had to post your comment. I would have considered the veracity of the Freeper report except for what happened again over the weekend. I don't think this is all coincidence.

An unknown missile shot up in Texas.

No one knows who. AND, there is video.

Now what?

OH, and I did say this is NOT the word of the Lord. I was clear. BUT, there is something up with all this that we do NOT understand. Father did say, "with all they getting, get understanding". Understanding comes with asking hard questions that are uncomfortable. I did.

Art from New Wineskins has a pretty comprehensive post on this:

Gene said...

Here is the video from California. I would like to believe the explanations but I have to believe what I see...first.

Something is up.

Gene said...

AND, last a news report on the CA missile.
I don't buy the idea that this was a plane.

Anonymous said...

"A ship's full systems fail for no reason understood. Where are the backup generators? A whole ship doesn't go dark by itself without recovery."

There is no mystery here whatsoever. A fire in the engine room also disabled the backup generators. Just as in modern buildings, if a fire is detected, some electrical systems will be configured to not operate for safety reasons.

If it was an EMP attack by the Chinese as the goofy conspiracy stories floating around suggest, the thousands of passengers on the ship would have had their personal electronic gear knocked AND THAT DID NOT HAPPEN.

This is so irresponsible.

anewcreation33 said...

Just heard on the UK news that 100 birds have been found dead on a street in Sweeden and how scientists say this phenomena is more common than the general public think.

Anonymous said...

Ok Gene so you are saying you must "trust" what you see in the original video, even though many have pointed out that the original video is heavily edited and spliced, to enhance the missile contrail story.

Do we still have an explanation why there are no eye witness accounts of this "missile launch from sea" from any of the thousands of boats in the area?

I think it was Winston Churchill who said "A lie will race around the globe twice before the truth has even finished tying it's shoelaces".

Heart n Hands Inc. said...

Hmm,let's see we've had Nile River Flue, Bird Flue, swine flu, H1N1 virus...

Further reports for those who are interested.
...And men's hearts shall fail them... Time to be hidden in the Secret Place under the shadow of the Almighty!


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Hundreds of dead birds in TX...

Thousands of dead fish in FL...

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