Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where is Prophetic Authenticity?

I am saddened by the lack of prophetic authenticity over the death of birds and fish events. I went out on a limb and considered the situation early. Was roundly criticized even though I made it clear that this was NOT the word of the Lord; just speculation. When I DID get the mind of Christ, lots of prophets chimed in.... LATE, after many of us went out on limb and spoke. Echo not a voice.

Group think is what that was. National prophets. Jacobs, Clement, others. Where were they when this was on the front burner? Before others put themselves out there with the Word of the Lord. When People really needed prophetic perspective on all this. It seems like many national prophets put their finger up in the wind and see how it blows, then when it all comes to pass they get on board.

My friend Prophet David Smith has warned against this group think disease. I want to hear the word of the Lord from others, just not as an echo or a me too. The prophetic in this nation must come up a notch.

A Watchman's cry: beware of "GROUP THINK"
by David L. Smith on Friday, January 7, 2011

In recent days, I have heard an unusual number of references to different groups of prophetic elders. Whenever I hear something repeatedly, my ears begin to perk up - because usually, the Lord is trying to tell me something - and sometimes, He has to put things in my path a number of times before I pay attention.

(Lord, forgive me and help me be ever more aware!)

I Kings 22 is an example of "GROUPTHINK".

I Kings 22 covers a record of where a bunch of prophets were summoned by the king, and gave agreement to that which the King was looking for - all agreed with th king, except for one - Micaiah.

Micaiah spoke against "groupthink" - and spoke the Word of the Lord.

Hear the watchman's cry: there is no place, in the TRUE prophetic, for groupthink.

I am not - repeat, NOT - talking about receiving confirmation from others regarding prophetic words.

I am talking about prophetic elders coming together and "agreeing" upon 'talking points' about what the "Lord is saying". I am talking about seeking common ground in regards to what the Lord is speaking regarding the Church of the Body of Born-Again Believers. I AM talking about compromising the Word of God.

Also, I am NOT talking about seeking clarification and understanding regarding receiving revelation from God. Oft times, the Lord gives words, thoughts, pictures, scenes by way of revelation that are, at times, hard to understand - because we let our minds get in the way. It is a good thing to come together with our peers seeking wise counsel. To NOT do so is pride.

In our spirit, however, we ALWAYS - ALWAYS - know what the Lord is trying to tell us. We may not always like it; we may find it difficult to agree with - but our gift of Holy Spirit within will ALWAYS understand the Will, and the Words, of the Lord.

If you get a 'check' in your spirit - then, very likely HOLY SPIRIT IS TRYING TO WARN YOU!

When it comes to true prophets of God, there is no room for 'groupthink'.

It is an amazingly wonderful thing if someone has sacrificed 40 yrs of mission field ministry and has written numerous books that brings thousands to Christ. It is amazing and praise-worthy if someone has stood firmly on the Word of God for the past 30 years. It is amazingly awesome if a group of elders can draw hundreds, or even thousands to conferences.

HOWEVER, I do not particularly care WHO someone is or WHAT they have done for God - IF they begin speaking that which is NOT of the Lord. It is never - NEVER - the Love of God to allow an elder to walk in error, simply because of what their history with God is.

Moses died in the wilderness because the elders did not always speak against groupthink. Moses - possibly the greatest man of God other than Jesus - DIED and never reached the Promised land!

We honor men & women of God for their service to the Lord - but THE LORD keeps the record books. It is HE who gives rewards for all eternity.

We should never compromise the Word of God because we love and respect someone who has walked with us.

This is a hard lesson to learn.

And some are not willing to learn because it will "hurt" their public ministry. "That is a mistake" - says the Lord.
Below are a couple of links that give a worldly definition of groupthink.

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Stephen said...


I think the main problem is that integrity needs to be restored back to the prophetic (as with the other gifts of the Spirit). Concerning some of these national prophets, perhaps they won't get as many speaking engagements or sell as many books if they don't prophesy what people want to hear, especially if those same people support the prophet's ministry.

As far as the bird deaths are concerned, I still find it unusual, not sure what to think yet. Time will tell.