Thursday, January 6, 2011

Word of the Lord of Fish Kills and Bird Deaths...and other unexplained

The last few days the Internet and the news has been abuzz about a large number of reports of all kinds of unexplained occurrences and some that have been "Explained" with soft credibility. You can read all about those things below in the former two posts.

SO, today, I asked the Lord to tell me what HE was saying or not in all these things. Here's what I heard him say:

I use signs in the sky and in the sea to cause people to question who they are and who I AM. I have always used such signs. Did you read My word? I am showing myself, and even when it is not ME I turn those things to my purposes.

This is a time for my children not to turn to the experts, the government or science for a reason of these signs. Of course there will be explanations, but I am the unexplainable God. What was there before ME? What will there be after ME? The answer is I AM, the God that IS. Was. Will be. Your reason becomes a stepping stone to a lack faith in ME.

These events are as a sign and a wonder that even as the fish of the sea and the birds of the air have a time when without warning can end suddenly, so you live in the same world. You don't know if even worse than that could happen to you without warning. Watch and pray. Pray that you may be able to escape all that will happen. Pray that your flight does not happen in winter. "I tell you, unless you repent, you will all likewise perish". My word never changes, your world will.

Life, even the life of a blackbird or a fish is precious to Me. Have I not said that not even when a sparrow falls I take note of the occurrence. I am not pleased with this occurrence nor am I the author of this.

These things are not of me, but are of the world you live in. I will give you wisdom. I will show you things you know not of today. Stay close to Me. I am your high tower. I am your dwelling place. Do not depend on man's rationale to interpret these events. Look to My word for your understanding with all your getting.

In all this, don't fear the ones who can kill your mortal body, fear the one who would kill your eternal soul. I will unveil the truth in all this, fear not, uncertainty causes fear. Sometimes I have used fear to call men to Me. Fear to create victories. Fear to vanquish enemies. Fear to bring people to conviction of sin. I am not the Author of Fear, but I turn all things including man's fear to My purposes. As you watch and pray, wait on Me to reveal my glory before all men. Be ready to have an answer when people ask. Say what I say to you now.

Word of the Lord


Ron McK said...

It looks more like the enemy to me.
He is the one who loves to kill and destroy. John 10:10. He is probably just showing off and trying to create fear.

Heidi Helen said...

Thank you for posting this. I was just wondering the same - what God is saying through this situation and why is it happening?

It makes me want to turn to God even more. It's a wake-up call and this is serious.

Anonymous1 said...

We have everything coming to a head. For those that are watching there can be no doubt. We are in the endtimes. We will not know when the end will exactly be. We know we are in the season. We have already had earthquakes in diverse places. They have triggered a shift in the magnetic north pole location which is currently moving towards Russia. The earth's iron core has been shifted. Apparently, the pole shift has confused the fowls of the air. Cayce prophysied the physical north and south poles would swing 51 degrees. If this is true, the earthquakes will be much worse. Hang on folks.