Tuesday, January 25, 2011

dreams, visions, thoughts - points to ponder by David L. Smith

David Smith is a Very GOOD friend of mine. I respect what he writes and says. This has great meaning, but for those without spiritual eyes to see or ears to hear it will be missed. Read with all your spirit faculties.

From David:

Sometimes, I think that we place too much emphasis on specific moments in time when we experience dreams & visions.

Called - and born - to be "spiritual beings" inhabiting a physical body, adapting to living as a spiritual person living in a physical world can be very challenging.

Sometimes, I think that the Lord uses our "quiet times" of sleep, meditation and worship to bring us dreams & visions - because that is the only time we get out brains out of the way of spiritual thinking.

I believe that the Lord wants us to live as spiritual beings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of ALL eternity. That includes today. The trick is doing so while we live in a physical body.

Last night was an example.

While lying down, waiting to go to sleep, I had.... something...

Was it a dream? A vision? My imagination? Just random thoughts?

I came to the conclusion that it really doesn't matter - it was what it was. It didn't contradict the Word of God, indeed, it flowed with the Word of God - so, here it is.

I was on the ocean. I was coming to the end of a long journey across the ocean. How I got to that point, the things that had occurred during the time of that journey were behind me - what was important was what was before - what was in front of me.

What was in front of me was a barrier to my mind. In front of me was a distant shore - and I was moving close enough to begin to see the details. Between the ocean and the approaching shore were the waves of transitions. There seemed to be an unbroken line of crashing waves on the sea shore. There did not seem to be any clear break through the line of transition. Yet I knew that I was headed that way. I would be entering the waves of transition.

It was the only way to get to the other shore.

And whatever it was ended.

In your journey, do you stop and look at the transition?

Do you wait for a break in the waves?

How long are you supposed to wait?

Are you stopping because the Lord told you to wait?

OR, are you stopping because you are seeing with your eyes of flesh?

It is something to consider.

Me? What did I do? What did I do in the dream, or the vision, or the "whatever it was"?

I don't know - but I DO know that whatever I did WOULD BE LEFT UP TO ME.

And, I know what I would do - when faced with a battle, I just want to get it over with - so... I run. I run toward the battle with a shout, a cry, an eagerness to let it begin! Even so, Lord - "Let it begin!"

And I enter the waves.

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Anonymous said...

David Very honest kinda beautiful- i believe thoughts and dreams are todays visions- i say that you are a visionary prophet. GOd asked jeremiah what did he see? Maybe he was testing his perception- there was no wrong answer- GOd finished it with his word. You have ritely seen jeremiah- for my word will not return void.-.....denise g