Thursday, January 20, 2011

Does God Love America? Read this: CHASTENING—YOU ARE LOVED -- David Wilkerson Today

I got this in my Email today. I don't understand Christians who are convinced that God loves America so much that he would never allow anything bad to happen to her. That he will protect her from pain. The opposite is the truth. IF the Father loves the USA so much, then he must chasten her to bring her back to himself. I believe that Father sees the USA as a special place, so much so that he must chasten her.


If you’re in the depths right now because of sin—if you’re overcome because of the Lord’s rod on your back, be encouraged. He’s chastening you because of his tender love. He chastens because he wants you fear him—to know his care for you.

What, exactly, does it mean to fear the Lord? It means being able to say, “I know my Father loves me. I’m safely forever his and I know he’ll never abandon me. He feels my pain whenever I struggle. And he’s patient with me as I war against unbelief. He’s always ready to forgive me whenever I call on him. But I also know he’s not going to allow me to keep disobeying his Word.
My heavenly Father won’t spare me—because he loves me deeply.” Chastening is for correction.

That is the point of it all. God wants us to accept his forgiveness so we may fear him. “There is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared” (Psalm 130:4). Once we fear the Lord, we’ll want more than just to obey him. We’ll want to please him, to put a smile on his face. That is the blessed result of the holy fear of God.


Fallout said...

Does God have a special love for America? Yes
I believe in the teaching that the "lost tribes" of Israel migrated through Europe to England and founded this country.
Does God chasten the ones he loves? Yes, His Word tells us so. Look at the sins of Manasseh and what God did about them. Would God repeat what he did in 2Kings 24 to America? Is there a parallel with Jehoiakim taxing the people and doing evil in the site of the Lord to our president taxing the nation, putting in regulations, allowing homosexuals to openly enlist in the military?
I pray for his mercy.
Chuck H.

Anonymous said...

No, the Lost tribes did not establish this country. The founding fathers were made up of those in secret occultic societies, looking to found a "new atlantis". Many such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine were very anti-christ. Christopher Columbus was not Jewish descent. DNA tests proves that as false, also, he had family connections to the Sinclairs and the Knights Templars (a luciferian occultic organization..the forerunners of the Freemasons).
I believe that the 'lost tribes' of Israel is found all over, not just in European countries. There is strong evidence that the descendents of the lost tribes are among Afghanistani people and there is evidence of Jewish DNA among Cherokee people and the Melungeons.