Thursday, January 20, 2011

Identity by Ronald Coleman

Everyone had an opinion about them; everyone was wrong! Moses had five books of the bible in him! The point? Gods prophetic purpose is our true identity! What a journey. Lord, Identify us with your will for us, allow us to be used for your Glory alone! Identity was the issue the Devil used to crucify Christ! Who are you? Are you really the Christ? Are you a King? What think YE of the Christ is the question He asks US.

Identity is a thread through the Bible that people miss! Abraham had to find His. Moses changed his several times= castaway, prince, ruler, murderer, fugitive, shepherd, Prophet, Deliverer! Joseph changed identities several times! David = ruddy pest, shepherd boy, giant slayer, psalmist, warrior, king, murderer, adulterer, weapon of war, worshiper!

BE who God called you to be. Accusations that you are not are from the enemy. Your identity is Hidden in HIM

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