Monday, January 10, 2011


A pretty good study and I like the part that talks of a CALLED PROPHET. If you know me...well. You make the decision

Written by Jim and Carolyn Murphy
Hundredfold Ministries, Int'l
P O Box 625
Blue Jay, CA 92317

I believe there are certain common characteristics or basic personality traits of an individual who has a prophetic call on his or her life. After considerable study of the Old and New Testament prophets, I believe the following general observations are quite accurate and descriptive of those called to be prophets both in Scripture and today:
  • l. Strong Personality Innately the prophet has a strong personality. I have never met a true prophet who didn't have, in secular terms, a type A personality.
  • 2. Direct - Issue Oriented A prophet is very issue oriented and sees things in black or white. For him there is very little gray and most things are either right or wrong.
  • 3. Strong in Prayer The prophet is given to much prayer.
  • 4. Outward Life in Order
  • 5. Authority and Power A prophet, when moving in the prophetic call, will move with great authority and power.
  • 6. Prophets are Poor Long-Term Counselors Prophets generally do not make good long-term counselors. They lack the patience and mercy necessary for this kind of counseling.
  • 7. Spiritual Gifts Accompany a Prophetic Call The mature, called prophet will exercise many of the spiritual gifts enumerated in I Corinthians, chapter twelve.

Read the whole thing will edify you. Read how it describes how the pastor and the Prophet should properly work together.

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