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Mark Chironna: We Are Facing Unprecedented Change and Transition

Mark Chironna is one of my favorite ministers. If I lived near him, I would be part of his church. I connect with his teaching and spirit in countless ways. SO, when he came with this pronouncement prophetically I read and embrace it. Mark, my friend, you bless me more than you know. Read and be encouraged:

As we continue to press forward in this new decade, having crossed a threshold from warring for survival to warring for inheritance, we now face the battle for possession of inheritance in this generation. Each of the generations of the Body of Christ alive at this moment on the planet are facing unprecedented change and transition.

Things are unfolding; yet at the same time the need for perseverance is more essential now than ever. Each generation is processing different issues within this time of transition. It isn't simply the prophetic voices amongst the elect that are sensing transition; secular voices are also uttering the same thing, not aware that they are speaking God's intentions as we move forward.

New Wine in the Marketplace

It is as it was in the days of Joshua when the spies were sent to spy out Jericho. Upon arrival in the city they chose to seek refuge in the house of Rahab the harlot, which was part of a divine strategy, and was a wise choice on the part of the spies. The irony lay in the fact that Rahab the harlot knew more about what was going to unfold for the elect – more than the elect did themselves. The Spirit is moving in places that the Church has yet to enter. For that reason, there are many God has sent into the marketplace to "spy out the land."

While some seek to hold to the comfort zone of the wilderness, there is a generation rising on the planet that has heard a clarion call:

There is new wine and it is found in the cluster. That cluster is not in our comfort zone; it is in the zone of convergence and confluence in apportioned spheres and measures out in the marketplace where lost souls like Rahab are tapping into the need for new wine and are already prepared to identify with the God of Israel. With the new wine of necessity there will begin to emerge the talk of a new wineskin.

A new day of the Spirit is dawning, and we are transitioning towards a new awakening. While it will have all the necessary components of that which happens when God is released to move, it will not be a repeat of the old wine, nor will the old wineskin serve to handle the potency of the new wine.

Hold On and Persevere - A New Day is Dawning

The Church is in the midst of a transitional period, feeling the unrest of not being completely out of transition, yet wanting it to end quickly. The Spirit is inviting us to hold on and persevere. There are major challenges within the rank and file of the elect that are being faced as it relates to the authority of Scripture, the work of the Cross, the work of the Holy Spirit, the power of the resurrection, the mystery of the Kingdom, and much more.

However, there will be a greater falling away than what we have already seen. The dividing lines are being drawn at even greater levels. While the lines are being drawn, the elect are being tested in more ways than they have anticipated. It is to the elect that the Spirit is saying, "Hold fast to your confession – stay the course."

The Spirit is testifying that a new day is dawning. The stage of the world is being set for a fullness of a harvest and a genuine apostolic reformation in a new way. It will behoove apostolic and prophetic leaders from all the various streams to come together and speak to one another in order to truly come to terms with what it means to be apostolic and prophetic, and what genuine reformation is all about, which is nothing less than radical.

Whether things present or things to come, life or death, Paul says they all belong to the elect and the elect belong to Christ and Christ belongs to God. There is an order that is unfolding related to the elect that is essential if the "many-membered man," the one new man of Ephesians 4, is to come to the measure of the stature of the fullness that belongs to Christ.

There will once again be heard in the land the cry of Jeremiah for "the burden of the Lord." There will also be the evident hand of favor on those who hearken to the voice of the Spirit, and like Daniel, make the most of the moment they find themselves in within a pagan culture. The earmarks of the Presence of the Spirit with all His gifts and endowments will be present in a way that the elect have not fully anticipated.

The Spirit is already softening up the secular culture to the Person and Presence of Jesus Himself, even while the culture is growing disillusioned with those in the Church who have not been relevant to the times and to the Gospel. Unprecedented opportunities will manifest in this hour of unprecedented change and transition.

The Move will be Great as well as Terrible!

A major global shaking by the Voice of the Lord is coming in the next few years as prophesied by Haggai, and there will be cosmic disturbances that will have profound effects on the cycles of nature. There will indeed be signs in the heavens and wonders in the earth. There is a new day coming, a day of the Spirit, yet the Church of necessity is to hold fast, because she is enduring an essential crucifixion for the sake of an "out-resurrection" from dead things which do not serve the eternal purpose.

The water of the Word will become the Wine of the Spirit in the coming days in both power and potency, and will be delivered to the masses not by celebrities, but by a Kingdom culture of servants who lead the way. Where He is, there will His servants be!

The move will be "great" as well as "terrible!" The shift we are experiencing is as radical as the shift that took place after the invention of the Gutenberg Press and the Copernican Revolution that challenged the false view of the Church that the sun revolved around the earth. These are radical days, requiring a radical Christ and a radical Church.

There are the Josephs and the Daniels that are being shaped for a confluence of events and a convergence of gifts and callings for a culture that has lost its moorings. Within the meeting place, there are apostolic and prophetic leaders that will function like Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, who will prepare the BODY for transition from burial to resurrection! A new apprehension of the power of the CROSS is coming to the earth – through a Body that has been and is being PREPARED!

Dr. Mark J. Chironna
Mark Chironna Ministries

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