Monday, January 17, 2011

Dennis Cramer: Clarified Word for 2011

More Clarity on this Word for 2011

Thank you for this opportunity to help the Body of Christ by bringing some more clarity to my 2011 prophecy. Thanks to you, I have received virtually dozens and dozens of emails from very supportive Elijah List followers thanking me profusely for this timely "word in season." The response has been incredible! Numerous pastors and ministers within this group have expressed their deepest gratitude to me and to you for addressing these volatile theological concerns with directness and honesty. They told me that the stand I made against these "doctrines of concern" through your website took real courage on both our parts.

Because of your love and commitment to the prophetic, many Believers have been helped through my 2011 prophecy. It is always my pleasure to cooperate with you each year at this time with my yearly word of the Lord. And, I believe this 2011 prophetic word will prove to be a pivotal prophetic word for you, your website, and the Body of Christ at large. Again, thanks my friend.

Below is my very best explanation of the critical phrase "at will" since you stated this was a major point of contention for some. I would suggest you insert this letter of explanation, that I have written below, as an introduction to the prophecy. I think it will REALLY help folks.

Your servant,

Denny Cramer
Dennis Cramer Ministries

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Ron McK said...

Dennis's word was perfectly clear. That fact that some leaders needed clarification suggests that they have lost the plot.