Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Word to Prophets, Apostles, Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors

I have been engaged in a "conversation" that has benefit, but with a caution. I spent the better part of two hours today with a Pastor from Tennessee. He has been under a lot of pressure. People are questioning his call. His preaching. His ability. He has been preaching for 26 years so it's not that this is a new thing for him. I don't want to judge his ability or anything else as many have. I do know that he has ministered to people in crisis again and again. Our hearts knit together as we talked about our weakness and inability and how Great Jesus is.

The problem is that when you have a clarion call on your life it must be your anchor. In some ways I heard it described as a future anchor. One that is secure and pulls you toward the callings and giftings on your life.

There are those who will question your call, your methods, your ability, your anointing, your style. All that is interesting and might even be constructive IF your anchor holds. Your call is your anchor. IF you are questioned too much it may cause you to question your giftedness. I have had that experience. Am I even a prophet I used to ask. Yet, there's that anchor. There's that track record. There's that under-girding of the Spirit of God that says, this is the way, NOW WALK.

I am who I am in the spirit. My pastor friend is who he is. He isn't about to change. I can't be what I'm not. Neither can he. I am gifted to be what God has called me to be, nothing more nor less. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ in me, nor should he be.

I believe that after our conversation he came away encouraged, equipped, strengthened. I did what a Prophet is supposed to do. Equip. Encourage. Build up.

That's what all the five fold (or four; however you see that), are supposed to do.

I do that and I do it with confidence that Father is in it.

If you walk in one of the ministry giftings and sometimes you have doubts, I want to say to you, Don't listen to the voice of doubt.

There is a popular Christian Song that has at it's core this issue. Casting Crowns sing it, "The Voice of Truth":

Oh what I would do to have
The kind of faith it takes
To climb out of this boat I'm in
Onto the crashing waves

To step out of my comfort zone
Into the realm of the unknown where Jesus is
And He's holding out His hand

But the waves are calling out my name
And they laugh at me
Reminding me of all the times
I've tried before and failed
The waves they keep on telling me
Time and time again. "Boy, you'll never win!"
"You'll never win!"

But the voice of truth tells me a different story
The voice of truth says, "Do not be afraid!"
The voice of truth says, "This is for My glory"
Out of all the voices calling out to me
I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth

Oh what I would do to have
The kind of strength it takes to stand before a giant
With just a sling and a stone
Surrounded by the sound of a thousand warriors
Shaking in their armor
Wishing they'd have had the strength to stand

But the giant's calling out my name
And he laughs at me
Reminding me of all the times
I've tried before and failed
The giant keeps on telling me
Time and time again. "Boy you'll never win!"
"You'll never win!"

But the stone was just the right size
To put the giant on the ground
And the waves they don't seem so high
From on top of them lookin' down
I will soar with the wings of eagles
When I stop and listen to the sound of Jesus
Singing over me

I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth

As a called man or woman of God, don't buy the voices that are all around you questioning your call. Pronouncing judgment on the Gift God the Father gave you from the Throne. Be what you are. Let that become your anchor and hear the voice of truth.

I had something bookmarked from long ago and it fits here:

God issues a calling on your life for you to fulfill. Along with the calling on your life, God grants you the necessary gifts to enable you to fulfill the calling that He has placed upon you. God is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow, and therefore the calling that God places upon your life does not change and is therefore irrevocable.

Romans 11:29 “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable”. The dictionary defines irrevocable as being impossible to retract or revoke. In other words, once the calling and the gifts have been placed upon your life, it is impossible for it to be changed or removed.

Your calling is your destiny as a child of God. It is where you will feel the most anointed. It is where you will feel the most connected to the supernatural realm. - Dennis Cramer

Based on my long conversation today I am certain that someone reading this right now needed to hear this. Please, take it to yourself, be encouraged. I had a lady say to me after last Friday Night's service who had been in a meeting a few weeks before when I had ministered prophetically, She said, You are different, you aren't like all the others, you keep being the best Prophet Gene you can be. Don't imitate what others are doing. You reach people that no one else can.

That goes for you too. Be who you are, be the best you can be and listen to the Voice of Truth.

You are an that

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