Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Be Careful When I say I am Speculating

I am now wondering what this dead bird and dead fish deal really is.

The missiles are still missiles. Both of them. Unexplained. Clearly missiles.

Look at the videos.

The ship that went dead was really dead. No redundancy?

So, those events still puzzle and frankly disturb.


They are dropping dead all ar0und the planet.

New agers say this is the effect of an alien invasion or demonstration.

Pagans are saying this is a run up to 2012.

Christians are saying that this is an end time sign.

I frankly don't know. I do know that it is now too late for some government somebody to try to explain it all away. There is no adequate explanation.

Here are some links to various reports of dead fish and birds.

AND a map that shows all recent reports

A Full Report

You tell me. I am not Prophesying or interpreting anything. I do know that symbolically Fish represent men, "Fishers of Men" and Birds represent Spirits. Dove. Eagle. Etc.

So, your guess is as good as mine. What does this all mean? If anything?

It is NOT irresponsible to ask valid questions.


Margaret said...

I'm not sure either but it does seem very 'Biblical' as kind of like the plagues that God brought through Moses. God making Himself known?

Whatever is happening, I just want to cling closer to my Abba Father. I don't have to worry in His arms. I am safe there.

Anonymous said...

I am also baffled in entirety.

Anonymous said...

Gene! The google maps link no longer works!!!!

Anonymous said...


I seriously have to question your ability to discern and reason after these two blogs. This link provides devastating evidence against the missile theory.

This link demonstrated with certainty how the video that you claim is all important to you "seeing is believing", has been heavily and deceptively edited, to enhance the missile story.;page=1

And this link shows presents more hard facts:

And what is your response? "Don't confuse with me hard facts I want to be deceived." That is just so bad and this seems just so abnormal for you. A seasoned, mature believer all of the sudden going off the deep end, wanting desperately to "believe" nut job stuff, and also considering what new agers and pagans say about that matter. My God!

How do you explain that in one of the most crowded ports/coastal in the country, there are no eye witness accounts from the tens of thousands of people on Catalina Island and no eye witness accounts from the thousands of boats in this area of a missile zooming out of the ocean?!!!

The Chinese EMP attack on the cruise ship? Same thing. Why are there no reports from the thousands of tourists on that ship of their personal electronic devices getting zapped/ Iphones, cell phones, Ipads, laptops, and on and on... NADA, ZIP. How does an external EMP "weapon" only knock out the propulsion system and not the low grade, non-steel shielded and protected consumer toys? How does it cause the engine crankcase to split open and make a fire to start? The most obviuous answer is the fire wiped out the control wires to the bridge and hence caused the the auxiliary generator from being started. No kook explanations needed.

For the record, I am quite qualified as an engineer to speak on these matters.

Stop, step away from the keyboard. You are embarrassing yourself and causing great damage to your credibility. I am your friend, not your enemy. If you were my enemy, I not waste my time typing all this stuff to and just let you continue stumbling along...

Once again, do not post this. It is for your eyes only.

Stephen said...


Gene may very well be wrong about these things. Then again you may be wrong too. The least you can do is have the courage to post your name and not hide behind the "for your eyes only" nonsense.