Sunday, January 23, 2011

Word of the Lord I got Friday Night on 120th in Chicago

There was a large prayer gathering in Chicago Friday night. People came out. Prayed.

During that time, I got a word from the Lord. I didn't share it. It didn't seem like it fit just then. But I must be released over the City of Chicago:

The heavens are split. The prayers of the saints have now opened a place of ascending and descending.

Now the thunders and lightning of the voice of God are heard by the saints all over the city and region. Many tremble at the sound. But We will not shrink back in fear.

We crave your word Oh Lord...Speak Lord for the ears of your saints are ready to hear.

Those who do not know your voice shall hide from your voice in fear, for like those who doubt when the thunder comes they will shut up their ears, but we cry out...Come Lord Jesus.

For those who Fear Love and Trust him, these Peals are the Seals upon our heart.

We will not shrink back.

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