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A Prophetic outlook for 2011 by Christopher Gregory on Friday, December 31, 2010 at 2:09pm

A Prophetic outlook for 2011

by Christopher Gregory on Friday, December 31, 2010 at 2:09pm

I don't make predictions, I'm not a soothsayer nor am I a psychic. I am called into the ministry of a prophet by God and as such, I don't ask for approval of men, my life and ministry should speak for itself. Having said that, I have, for the past 2 weeks, been seeking the Lord for guidance and direction for what is coming to this world and his people and I believe I have heard from the Lord these past several weeks and days. Here is what I hear in my spirit for the church and the world.

A season of unprecedented growth and prosperity is coming to the nation, but though prosperity will come, the price shall be high. But for the church this is what I hear, "My house shall be called a house of prayer, but they have turned it into a den of thieves. So I shall judge my people for their iniquity and I shall turn their wealth into rags." I believe that those who pimp the gospel for profit will lose much.

Great hardship and great suffering shall come within 3 years. The nation shall tremble at what comes to her land.

Social security will end in the near future. There will also be a PLOT to kill the President, for I kept hearing "Attempt to kill the president." But I don't believe it will be successful.

2011 will be a year of uncertainty, the earth will be shaken and men shall fear what they will see come upon the planet.

There will be bread lines in the nation of plenty. Those who dwell in safety shall not see hunger.

We need to prepare ourselves for the future, physically as well as spiritually. Sadly, there is a majority of believers who have discredited any prophecy or words of prophetic warnings because as they see it, we live in the age of grace and not judgment. This is not only foolish but bad theology. The world around us is being shaken, politically, socially and spiritually. God is trying to get our attention and warn those who are his that the day is fading and night is almost upon us and our work is not even close to be done.

We are seeing the very formation of a world system before our very eyes. The world is yearning for someone with "the" answer and what they are seeking will be fulfilled. The church itself, I believe, is going to go thru a transformation in the next 3 years. There is coming a sense of strange spirituality and the generation that is present, will not hold to the teachings and ideas of the past, this current generation and the one coming up after it will forsake the teachings and ideas of their fathers, they will reject sound counsel and will not seek after the things of God, but after their own carnal desires.

I heard the Lord speak this to my spirit as a warning as I close this note, "The generation that sees all these things come to pass, SHALL NOT pass away to all be fulfilled." The Lord keeps impressing me to say this once again, Jesus Christ IS coming back and he's coming back for those who are actually looking for him.

Make no mistake, things are getting worse, not better and I will state this repeatedly, something is going to change in the year of 2013, I'm not saying within that year, but from that point, I believe, we are going to see a drastic change in how the world views the Bible believing christian and how the christian handles the word. I keep hearing this in my spirit that we are being given 3 years to prepare for the darkness in ALL areas of our lives. Again, we are not to fear, but to be ready for what is coming. But I believe that after 2013, our world is going to go into a tailspin. And the biggest meltdown in the church, I believe, is going to be the resentment of many wondering why the church has not been removed. I see financial troubles for the big churches coming.

Again, God always sends us a warning and so that is what I do - warn. Preach the gospel, proclaim liberty to those in bondage and seek the Lord in your life. The Lord keeps telling me to tell his people, "READ THE WORD" and draw nigh to him. There is a famine coming and it's already in many shores and its the famine of the word itself. This will pave the way for deception for when the average believer who does not pray daily, or seek the Lord daily nor reads the word, will fall for the deception coming.

So there you have it, what God has given me for this coming year and after it.

C. L. Gregory

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Mary Lindow said...

This was a "gutsy" and brave message. I so hope that it will be applied and re-read by people until it penetrates past all of the screaming religious voices that would want it snuffed out.