Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Seers Vision of what it will be like AFTER the Collapse

I have been asking Father to give me a vision of what the world and America will look like after the coming crash. We know there will be one, but how will my life be? I didn't want to create panic or terror, yet forewarned is forearmed. On that request I have been given significant downloads. I will share what I am seeing in the Spirit.

I promise you will be encouraged, heartened, yet a somber spirit will overcome you. Everything we used to know will change.

There are key words to this vision. Eagles and Vultures. Sheep and Goats. Wolves and those who look like wolves but are sheep in wolves clothing. We will see them clearly. Pick which side you will be on.

There will be those who you thought were your enemies who will become your best friends. There will be those you counted on who will fail you. Systems will fail you. Government will fail you. Those who you thought would come thru for you who will not. AND many who you never thought would be your right arm will become one.

It will be a new day. The saints of God will be revealed, manifested sons of God. The Light of the SON will expose evil. Those who have become parasitic in our culture by using others will be revealed and set down.

It will be great...and hard. Watch for more to come. I have heard from the throne. Be encouraged. He is still on it..

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