Saturday, December 18, 2010


Every year about this time I am impressed of the Lord to record what he is saying right now for the year to come. Of course I do this all year long, nearly every day. I bring what the Lord is saying. Yet a special portal of revelation seems to open at this time of year. Many do as I have done and write what the Lord is saying. I have been careful NOT to read or HEAR anything the Lord is saying right now thru other prophets. It's critical to have an unspoiled fresh word. This is that. I had been waiting and then last night I was told by the Lord to get ready to receive what he wanted to deliver via his servant today. This is that.


This side up.
Subject to breakage.
Handle with care.

The Lord is saying: "The world you are living is becoming more and more fragile. More than ever. Things you thought were unbreakable are now breaking. Others will break in the year to come. A slight nudge, a tipping, a push and that which seemed to be solid and stable will shatter. It's not the enemy. It's ME!

Don't consider this judgement, it's refining. I am bringing you to the place where you see ME as the stone rolling down and crushing the kingdoms and false idols in your life. All that will remain is the Rock. The Solid Rock. The Chief Cornerstone rejected of the world. I am immovable, unshakable, indestructible. No matter how anyone, the world, the flesh, the devil, even you handle me, I am not moved. I AM!

Kingdoms, regimes, empires and systems of man have come and gone in my sight, but I am everlasting. Vain philosophies of man have risen and fallen but I never fail. I never cease.

Many wonder at the drift of man made systems of religions. Yet I am not changed. I still fill the temple with my Glory. The temple not built with hands. YOU are the temple. Many are being cleansed and filled to overflowing in the hearts of men. Religion cannot understand that YOU are the temple containing MY SPIRIT. I AM in your temple. This is happening everywhere, in places you did not know. In situations that seem to be hopeless. In places of great darkness, I bring light. Sometimes I even occupy places made of stone..but less than you think. Places of habitation made by human hands can never replace the places I CREATED for my dwelling place. YOU! Some places have been dedicated but the dedication I seek is the heart fully mine, the honor I accept is that dedication. I am sovereignly filling places around the world every hour. Thousands bowing the knee where hearts are being filled with MY Glory. This end time move has no name, no denomination, no title. It is one of I AM".

Words for 2011 in the world:
  • Korea: Leading to ONE
  • Venezuela: Paper Tigers burn up
  • Russia: Drifting to a former state
  • China: Change - Fragile - Stumbles
  • Australia - New Zealand: Turning a new leaf
  • Europe: Backlash and restraint. Re Order
  • Latin America: Pockets of violence, but goodness and mercy follows
  • Brazil: A nation in redemption
  • Africa: Divided and Dark. A pall hangs. Much yet to be done, but MUST be done by Africans. Not all help is helpful.
God's Word for North America:

"I will firm relationships in the Continent. The younger and weaker will teach the older and larger. Terrorists on the border will become so blatant that the other brothers will have to reluctantly enter the war. One single event will trigger this move. It will not be resisted. North is the place of my occupancy. As I look to the south I see increasing levels of evil, corruption and schemes. This Starts where the ice never thaws and goes to where the ice never forms. As the heat increases so does the level of corruption. I shall not suffer this long".

God's word for The United States:

"Much must yet change for my adjustment I began from July 7, 2007 to be completed. Since the day of great light on August 1, 2010 many have fallen. I will shine light in a dark place and reveal the hidden. Many will say even in churches and fellowships, "That's Enough". They will say Peace Peace. Prosperity. Safety. All of these are true IF they are found only in ME. Any found outside of ME is false and fragile. You have drifted far from ME, now I will complete MY work in you. This will mean I am bringing you to a new place in ME. Since your hearts have been so far from me, many will find this new place uncomfortable and unfamiliar. That discomfort is an indicator of how much I need to do in your life STILL.

I will tear down all the high places erected against the knowledge of ME, the I AM, the ONLY TRUE GOD. It will seem like judgement, but it is bringing into captivity everything that has held MY people captive.

I am about to break the education system in your nation that has become a place teaching doctrines of devils. Thesis that are created by the enemy of your soul. Look for changes in this year. It has been going on for a while, but I will accelerate the changes in this year.

I will amplify righteousness in media. You are about to see things change in television and movies. Darkness and Blasphemy has become a stench coming up before ME. It has become a stench in the noses of those called by MY name. Many will turn away from corrupt communication. Exposure of those in media with the Anti-Christ spirit is happening before your eyes.

Music that brings JOY is being returned to you. Too long music has been a source of rebellion and indoctrination of the young. That is changing. Right under you noses I have raised up a generation of artists who carry this Joy. Many are aware of ME. Many have bowed the knee. They are bringing a new sound. It may not be music that is overtly in Honor of ME. I AM the God of Peace, Joy, Love. If it Honors that, it Honors ME. There will be some who will continue to use music to affect the young for evil. I am preparing a millstone for their neck. It is being placed there now. If they cause even ONE of these little ones to stumble...WOE!!! Watch and pray. Be careful of what you hear or allow to be heard. I will be honored. Repent and see the Salvation of YOUR GOD.

Many have placed faith in political systems and movements over faith in ME. Do you not know that I USE these things to move the hearts of kings. Your faith must be in ME to do right. Will not the God of all the Universe do RIGHT? Trust in ME to be established.

A stupor has descended when faith in other than ME come on a people. Faith in a man, faith in a party, faith in a spokesman, faith in a movement; these will leave you adrift. IF you anchor yourself only in ME you will not be tossed about and can watch ME MOVE.

There is great confusion in this nation. I am NOT the author of confusion. I am the God of beauty. The confusion causes people to resort to corrupt ways and live life in compromise. This confusion has rendered you unable to see the result of your slumber and sloth even in your assemblies. This too shall be broken off of you. This too shall be judged".

God's Word over the Chicago Area:

Long ago I spoke thru my prophets that a fire would come out of Chicago that would spread to the whole land. A great Chicago Fire. Many times since that prophecy there have been little fires that have broken out. Camp Fires. Sometimes a Bon Fire. But they were isolated and after a while have been extinguished. The piles of ashes and dead coals are everywhere. If a fire broke out it was criticized as being a false fire. That the real fire what in their movement. In their church. In their ministry. Both eventually burned out.

Because of this lack of unity the Fire I desire has been kept back. If my fire starters and fire keepers would borrow wood from one another, if they would stoke their brothers fire, if they would lend wood, or build their fires close together in fellowship, an unstoppable blaze would result. Instead one claims they have the fire. Another claims he does. An envy of fire builders stops all. Sadly, many who claimed fire had no fire at all.

Others had a fire and now there are just a few glowing embers left. They live in the warmth of remembering when the fire did burn long ago. The place I had declared would be a source of fire for the nations has remained cold, fragmented, dead or dying with only a few firestarters left with hope.

My prophesied fire can only come as the campfires, bonfires and others come together to create the great conflagration I have spoken. A conflagration that spreads like wildfire. One that consumes all the wet wood on the altar. One that burns away the dead wood of false religion exposing it in light and heat. I shall come and consume as a fire. There are places where hearts are right. The day is coming when I shall see the fire of MY GLORY burning bright in Chicagoland as I have spoken shall it be".

The Word of the Lord on the Economy and the Future Fears:

"There will be tidings of great prosperity and a bright future in the year to come. It is fragile. Very fragile. Breakable. There will be a day when that bright fragile future will be so much broken glass and if you allow it, it will cut you deeply.

There will be tidings of great doom. Hopelessness, decline, so it will appear. In a place captured by materialism as a god; will materialism need to be torn down and destroyed. This will result in good, a new normal based on stability, trust and Faith in ME. Do not fear the drumbeat of doom, hope is on the horizon, but it is hope based only in ME.

Some, even men called by my name, will say the good times are here again. While they speak my word, it will be much different from what you think. Everything you see around you is fragile. Many will try to use the breaking for their gain, for advantage, for change that is evil. Do not believe in their lies. This is ME setting things right. The days to come are days in which you MUST trust ME above all for everything because everything you trust other than ME will fail".

Words Specific to situation and people:

"President Obama has been shaken. He is in a vulnerable place right now. His future in completing his full term as President is in the balance. There are evil men who would see him gone. I have instructed you to pray for leaders. President Obama must hear from heaven. He must have the intercession of the saints for his safety and the security of your nation. Evil intends him destruction.

Terror efforts are going to come. Fear will be the result. Do not fear the one who can kill your body, fear only the one who can destroy your eternal soul.

In the year 2010 I have given MY people a new set of instructions. Many have heard. Lead on. A change has taken place. It happened in August. You can trust in these new directions. Now is the time to refocus your affections on ME alone. Any other pursuit is loss.

There will be great upsets in the year to come in the physical. Birth pangs. There will be earthquakes, center of the USA, California, Alaska, far east. The weather will be severe as a norm. VERY COLD. VERY HOT. Abnormal will become normal. The groaning will become audible. Place all your expectations in ME. The world around you is changing fast, it's of ME, yet I change NOT!

Some of this will be as never before. These birth pangs have not been seen before. I will use the pain of this to cause many to cry out to ME. Have you not read MY book, the Last One how I use various circumstances to cause those who will, to cry out to ME?

You were placed here to be my partner in the Glory that is being Revealed. False religions, false philosophies, false governments, false dependencies, will be torn down. They will be shown for the false assumptions and accusations that they always were.

You must not place your trust in any man during this time. I have demonstrated MY power to dethrone false gods in the past year, even those who were considered great in the Kingdom, to be brought down. This will accelerate. Those who carry a great call will be judged more severely.

You will lose by death 8 great leaders of the past move in 2011. Mourn not long. Moses MY servant is dead. Now the Joshua's are coming up. Like a tree stump many will spring up from around them and in their great anointing AND GREATER.

The Glory of the Latter house will be greater than the former".

Fear Not. 2011 is a new focus on the God of ALL the Universe.


Unknown said...

Wow! Very awesome and powerful words Prophet Gene! God is Good and I receive!

Margaret said...

I too receive this word. To me it rings true to my Spirit.

Sean said...

Prophet Gene i also receive this word for 2011 looking forward to his glory in habitation amoung the Body of Christ. I want to let the called out ones know globally that your time praying in the Holy Ghost is building great deposits in the Heavens and raining to Earth. Keep the fire lit on the altar to wipe out the spirit of lukewarmness in your church. There is more Glory & revelations about Heaven coming in 2011.Remember Prophet Gene my wife(wanda) and I(Rev.Sean) have you r back in prayer. Merry Christmas to you & the family!!

marianne said...

You mentioned the "great light on August 1, 2010."

What happened on that date? What light?


Heidi Helen said...

Hi Prophet Gene. I came to this post from a link on a friend's facebook. I'm really touched by what you have written.

I live in Australia so the 'Turning a new leaf' sounds good to me because 2010 has been such a difficult year for me. I am looking forward to this year being one of new beginnings and for changes. For things to get better.

The word on 'Fragile' really moves my heart too. I think it's a good thing that many bad things will break off our life this year, that God will refine us. I want God to be my Solid Rock like you wrote. I am sick of all the bad influences in my life, it is time I start listening to the good influences.

You've just reminded me how much I need God and how much I need to put away the things that keep me from Him.