Monday, December 13, 2010

A Vision of the Angelic Host Over Chicago, by Michael Edds

November 17, 2010

While in a worship service at a church in a suburb of Chicago, I experienced something very unusual. While the worship team and choir ministered in song, the Holy Spirit came upon me in quite a powerful way. The following encapsulates that experience:

"Suddenly, it seemed that I was above Chicago looking down on the city and the lake. I saw an angelic army moving in and taking formation out in Lake Michigan. It was massing in units. The angelic army was arrayed in brilliant white. It was facing Chicago in a semi - circle out in the lake. There was a commanding officer over this entire army. He had been assigned by and given orders from God concerning the city. Behind this army was a cloud burst pouring rain down into the lake. This heavenly army had been given a directive to march into Chicago. As the army moved forward, the cloud burst followed it. God spoke to me that He is giving Chicago a last mercy call through a great city-wide spiritual awakening. God always offers mercy before judgment falls. The heavens have bent down and poured down God's Spirit and grace on Chicago in generations past. The Great Revival of 1876 with Dwight L. Moody and the Chicago Visitation of 1913 with Maria Woodworth-Etter are great examples of God's mercy being extended to this great city. May God's people in Chicago repent, fast and pray for a great spiritual awakening to burst forth in the city before judgment comes. This may be Chicago's last call!"

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