Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Prophetic Observation from Apostle John Roberts

I saw this today and believe it to be worth posting. Apostle John Roberts is the founder of Faithquake.

What he says and writes is very rich. I commend it to you:

From Apostle Roberts
A recent advertisement stated "we are a spirit filled church seeking a mature man of God to lead our congregation and work with our elders. Must have degree and experience" now I ask you, what circus is in what town hiring what clown? Maybe spirit filled but Not Spirit led!

Its things like this that drive the Faithquake message to be sounding? First of all this is religion once again. the spirit of religion to do spiritual things always always always starts or begins with look at me! The spirit legion railed first or spoke first when the Christ set foot upon the sandy shore! It was already making headlines, everybody knew what the man did up in those tombs of Gadara. Making a name for itself the spirit legion went so far as to cut the man's flesh with stones! Until The Rock showed up, religion always desires to make a name for itself "look at me" or "see what we do".

There is another spirit named tradition. It gives routine and sameness validity and value, unknowing to the one being led by it that this rudiment is nothing more than a form of godliness, refusing to allow or give possibility to God's probability to change reality?

Tradition is not all bad, yet if it becomes the reason that you do a thing and not because God said it, then no matter how good it is is it is still not a God thing! If u were given a test and told to answer all the odd questions and instead you answered all the even, because you didn't want to be odd, and even if you got 100% right you were 100% wrong! Tradition must be understood that if its not God then it isn't good!

No this is not Burger King, having it your way is not a menu choice. This is a Kingdom! You have only one choice - to obey Him or obey them! Who is not WITH HIM is against HIM! Its His way or no way!


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