Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Doug Addison: I Hear the Train a Comin' and God Says, "Ready or Not, Here it Comes"

Doug Addison

While in Calgary, Alberta, Canada last week I began to hear what sounded like a stampede approaching in the spirit. Calgary is known for the "Calgary Stampede" celebration. As I listened more closely I realized that it was the rumble of a train barreling toward us. God spoke to me that He is moving quickly and "ready or not, here it comes."

As I was praying about it, I immediately received a text message from one of my intercessors who did not know what I had just experienced. She was seeing a light coming through a window at me and told me that it was important to press in right and respond quickly to the plans that God has spoken to me. That was a major confirmation of what God is speaking to all of us right now.

Don't Get Distracted

One of the major ways that God speaks to me is through things that happen in my life. These events are often like a prophetic act or they are symbolic of what God is saying and doing on a larger scale. I prayed before I left on my trip to Calgary for God to show me what I needed to pack for the trip. Since I travel a lot, I am normally well prepared for just about anything, yet I ended up getting distracted and forgot the equipment I needed for an event. I also made the huge mistake of not checking the weather! I arrived from California to Canada to five degree temperatures and I was wearing my very thin "Starsky and Hutch" leather jacket. Wow!

God was saying prophetically to not allow distractions, which keep us from hearing Him and being unprepared. I realized later that this message was also contained in a prophetic word I had released on September 1, 2010 (read on the Elijah List).

Watch for Amazing Miracles

We are about to have an encounter with our destinies and it will not be stopped if we don't give up. We are in a time right now that can be compared to what Jesus' disciples went through in John 6:16–21. They had just fed more than 5,000 people miraculously, and Jesus sent the disciples ahead of Him in the boat. He instructed them to cross Lake Capernaum (Sea of Galilee) without Him. In verses 18-19, "A strong wind was blowing and the waters grew rough. When they had rowed three or four miles, they saw Jesus approaching the boat, walking on the water; and they were frightened."

It had seemed that God had abandoned verses 20-21 Jesus addresses this: "But He said to them, 'It is I; don't be afraid.' Then they were willing to take Him into the boat, and immediately the boat reached the shore where they were heading."

Many of us have been going through this very thing, where we have seen God do miracles but suddenly it is dark and the winds and waves of our situations are raging against us. Notice that the disciples did not recognize Jesus as He approached to save them. When God does something new, oftentimes we are not able to understand it all at first. It is interesting that it says when "they were willing" to invite Jesus into their situation that they immediately arrived at their destiny. God accelerated their journey just after they experienced an intense storm and as they cooperated with Him.

Prophetic Word: Suddenly Advance into New Times and Places with God

God is doing miracles through situations that appear the opposite. The appearance of loss will bring new life and accelerate us into our life's purpose like never before.

This is a time to not be afraid and to be ready to allow God to step into our situations. Over the next few weeks it is time to sort through all that God has been speaking and promising us.

Is there anything you can do now to prepare yourself? Get ready to move quickly. Let's watch for unusual situations to suddenly advance us into new times and places with God.

Doug Addison
InLight Connection


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Doug Addison said...

Thanks Gene for posting my article. Seems like things are beginning to accelerate!