Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I know in whom I have believed and ....

I have some friends who are confessed atheists. They delight in making fun of Christianity and trying to tweak me. I mostly don't engage them. BUT I did today:

If you could comprehend the difference between Faith, Hope, Belief and Religion (there is a big difference) you wouldn't be so intentional in attack.

I denounce religion regularly. I Correct belief, I propagate hope and help people who have their hopes fixed on the one thing that can produce a desired end, I help build faith. Religion tries to bypass all that. We see it in our churches and in our culture. This has been a particularly rough Christmas for me. TOO MUCH RELIGION. Not enough belief in anything worthy of belief, too much hopelessness and little faith to give it substance. I had to resort to the Prophet ...Bob Dylan

Now in what do you place your belief, Your hope, Your faith? Like me, not religion. But what? I think that is the question of the age that every man must answer for themselves.

I'm already settled.

There is no argument for me.

Apparently there still is one for you...

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Dr. Barry L. Kolb said...

I have always been with you as a denouncer of religion. I recall playing this tune on my radio show back in th4e day!