Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stepping from Time into Eternity

Still with Peggy's Father. Bedside. He has "Passed" several times and then...

Not really with us any more.

Yet not really there.

There is a clock on the wall. I doesn't tick but lurches it's second hand around in one minute races.

In these moments of time to eternity we see the reality - the fragility of life and it's very thin veil. What's behind the veil?...we all want to know. Yet we don't know...or see. It's right there. Just there. You can touch it. Peer behind. And then time starts again. We're back.

Sometimes we get a glimpse in those moments between sleep and awake. Sometimes in deep worship we might see. OR prayer. Or danger. Or alone in meditation.

We get a peek.

Is that what death is?...a time when time isn't and we enter into an eternal now? I think so.

Father seems to be saying "I have given you a gift of time, a gift to be used. Not in fear of judgment for wastes that happened. But a gift to fulfill what I have purposed in your heart to do. You are immortal until your purpose is complete and then you become indestructible in eternity. Don't fear what time will do to your body. It will ultimately be destroyed. DUST. Even those I called long ago that lived for a millennium were eventually destroyed in body by passing of time. The real person is never destroyed. They are not for destruction when they are hidden in ME. Eternity is your real dwelling place. You were created for this eventuality. Your fullness and wholeness is wrapped up in being what you will become...Glorified. Time ends. Eternity is."

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