Thursday, December 30, 2010

Prophetic Word for 2011 from Rusty Wimberly -- New Year, New Decade, New Word

New Year, New Decade, New Word: Prophetic Word for 2011

Prophetic Word for 2011

2011 Year of Transition
For 2011 will be a year of transition saith the Lord. For many will be shedding the old of previous years, but in this year the NEW will begin to break forth. There will be new ministries, new assignments, new kingdom strategies being released in this season. And many who are in a sleeping stupor will not see, hear or perceive my ways. For many are asleep in this hour and many are comfortable, but I am drawing a line in the sand for my church says God. I am causing a division so that those might be approved may stand out. For in 2011 I will begin to separate those apart for my service. For there is still much ground to cover and there still is much territory to take. For many will say this year that I will return. Do not listen, for there is still time and there is great patience and endurance. I am longing to see all men repent and turn to me says the Lord.

Ministry to Widows Restored and Intercession
For there will be a turning of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. There will be a focus on social justice yet again in this year says God because my heart is for the orphans, poor and widows. Many have forgotten the widows says God. But in this season I will pour out my blessing upon ministries that will care for them. For they are close to my heart. And I will raise them up as intercessors in my house. And they will pray in the new things which I am about to do this year. For there will me massive prayer movements across the country says the Lord. I am establishing my church as a house of prayer. For you will see exploits done through the power of prayer. For I am looking for those that will engage my throne and call upon my name. And I will reward those with faith, for faith is the substance in which pleases my heart.

Challenging of False Prophets and False Apostles
For 2011 will be a year of distinction. I will expose false religion this year and false prophets and apostles. Those who have tainted my word and have run to idolatry will be exposed saith the Lord. For I have not put my word in their mouth. They prophesy wind. They are full of hot air and showmanship. But I will reveal my true prophets who carry my word in their mouth. And when they speak I will cause the hearts of my people to shift and there will be a turning not just on the outside, but the very core of their being will be shaken. For there are many who have gone out claiming they are my prophets and claiming they are my sent ones. But I have not sent them. They have been appointed my men and they have been recognized in the stadiums, but I have not sent them. For I am using the foolishness of the earth. I am using those who are found not in the spotlight, but my hand is upon those who are hidden and fools for me, FOR I AM GOD and will not share my glory with another. Those who take credit and those who have fame and recognition will receive their reward, but those who are genuine and true will be known not just in heaven, but in the earth also. For I will give them uncommon favor. They will walk into the kings room and reveal my heart in 2011. So I am calling forth those who I have sounded, those who I have whispered in their ear. I am calling the Elijah's out of the cave to go forth in the spirit and power of my Son. There will be a messianic anointing upon the prophetic in 2011.

Footsteps Of God
As for Chicago, my plans are unfolding saith the Lord. The body is joining. The bones are aligning. And they will be directed by MY HEADSHIP alone. For I have purchased them with my own blood and I am the Great Shepherd. My sheep hear my voice and they follow me. Chicago will experience a great revival in the summer season. For the rumbling has already begun. My footsteps are causing earthquakes in the region. And I will visit Chicago in 2011. But my visit will not only come with refreshing as some suppose, but it will come with fire. There will be a great turning of the homosexual community in Chicago and many will be saved. There will be revival in the streets says the Lord. Many will go out and witness in bold power to my name. You will hear of healings in the streets. You will hear of testimonies and great deliverance. Do you perceive it? Do you hear my footsteps? Do you stand in awe of what I am about to do? I have done it says the Lord, yet I have yet to do it. For no eye has seen or ear has heard the goodness I have in store. Remove your pride and prepare your heart to receive. For many have said, we’ve seen it. And many have said “Its Here”, but they have spoken in faith, but have spoken in vain. For I have still yet more that has not been experienced, received or executed. He who has ears, let them hear.

End of Year Glory
By the end of next year, 2011, the face of my people will be transformed. As Moses, face had shone with my glory, my glory will rise upon the face of my church. By December there will be great transformation. No long will people say “I am going to church” as a weekly routine. But there will be a new attitude and perception of those whom I’ve called out. There will be great holiness and great fear that will come upon the world. There will be glory resting upon my house. Thick, tangible, weighty glory. And it will be carried where all put their feet saith the Lord. I am coming soon my beloved. Make yourself ready. I love you.

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