Friday, December 24, 2010

A word by Diane Clark....the Year of Prophetic Access

We're in the years of birthing forth and manifestation. In Acts 16:20-21, the apostles were charged for troubling the city, teaching strange new customs that were not a part of the social order of the Roman Empire. Their message, mission, a...nd ministry were revelation and revolution, radical, yet relevant and relational. And according to Acts 17:6, the apostolic dimension turns the world upside down {or in one sense, right side up}, speaking and DOING things contrary to the social order of things, proclaiming another KING, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is time to redefine ministry manifesting the Kingdom of God and not the fears and prejudices of economic crisis.

Prophetic Access is designed to demolish religious mindsets and strongholds through teaching that returns the priesthood back to the people and raises up and releases king/priest in the global kingdom community. Here, we will begin stepping out into bold territory to declare truth, which conveys the significant importance of the entire body of Christ in advancing the kingdom of God. We desire to acknowledge new paradigms and kingdom dimensional shifts in proclaiming and establishing the gospel of the kingdom with its message, mission and present day mandate.

Prophetic Access mentality is having the perception of what the true nature of the body of Christ really is, and how we are to advance the kingdom of God through it. Demonstration and manifestation is revelation realized in divine rhythm and motion: the revelation of prophetic access is endued and flooded with prophetic perception and vision. The anointing, authority, and the agenda of the apostolic and prophetic dimension will cut to the core of the system and bring to light the corporate vision of the churches or assemblies in a given region. Working with the apostolic, prophetic access shifts and launches believer’s mentality from church to kingdom, from visitation to habitation, from encouragement to equipping, from schooling to retooling, from teaching to training, from impartation to activation, from revelation to demonstration, and from global apostolic reformation to global transformation.

• Prophetic Access mentality is a way of perceiving the truth that apostles had the anointing, authority, and agenda to help steer and navigate the global community through the headship of Christ through establishing a strong foundation.
• Prophetic Access mentality keeps the stagnation out of assemblies, and leads it into more ways of expression and advancement than introverted meetings geared only for Sunday and Mid-week.
• Prophetic Access mentality develops technologies and methodologies of forwarding and heralding the saints into its given purpose – “priesthood of every believer” and Missions.
• Prophetic Access mentality seeks for fresh new ways to pioneer the work of the ministry beyond the four walls of sanctuaries, into the ongoing measure of the commission and the mission.

With progressive spiritual momentum, preaching and the pioneering of the gospel of the kingdom, apostolic/prophetic mentality sees the ever-increasing kingdom of God filling the whole earth.

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