Monday, December 20, 2010

Pawns will overtake Kings in 2011 - A word from Fletch Whipp

Pawns will overtake Kings in 2011

Fletch Whipp

In 2008 The Lord spoke to me regarding a time where He would be walking down the line inspecting what His body has been doing – in His name. He was inspecting them like a carpenter inspects timber to see if it’s free of knots, and warping, and blemishes that would otherwise make it useless for Building. In the last few years we have heard many large ministries filing for bankruptcy, or falling due to moral failure, or unethical dealings.

In 2011 what you have seen thus so far will increase. Almost everyone will be able to identify with a particular ministry, missionary, or church that will be affected by this sweeping change. Many will say I am judging them and bringing misfortune upon them, yet I tell you that I am motivated by love, not anger. My love for the lost outweighs My ability to remain compassionate with leadership who have become comfortable, and turned a deaf ear to the leading and listening to My Holy Spirit. It is My love for them, to see them reignited by the flame of My Spirit that will remove them, not My anger.

There is a vision of a chessboard representing the church. You will see pawns will overtake Kings in 2011. Many key pieces will be toppled from the board, some will remain and slide into irrelevance. Some will return after a time of searching their heart, and learning to be re-trained in hearing My voice. Sadly, others will depart permanently. I tell you the enormous historic fires in Israel are symbolic of the cleansing fire that is now sweeping through My Church. Cleansing must always begin in My house first. Many of your Churches, Ministries & Missionaries will be challenged.

Many churches will seek to blame their adversary, the devil, for coming against them, yet It is not the Devil coming against them, it is My Holy standard challenging their flesh, and their flesh will not be able to stand. You will be surprised at some, some who you have looked up to and esteemed so highly, whom will fall away because they chose not to be anchored in Me when the storm came. They relied on, and were content to operate with revelation that no longer fits the environment they operate in now. As a result their wineskins will burst. As an appendix that bursts affects the entire body, so to will it be when those burst, that the entire body will feel the shock as it reverberates around the body. I command you, some of you will be raised up to show compassion and provide comfort for those who have fallen. Do not judge, leave that to Me, I command you to show them compassion.

I have already spoken to my Prophets that you will recognize My own by the fruit that they produce. Though my vineyard has shrunk, and disease has plagued those throughout my vineyard, removal of the diseased ones will allow a healthier breeding ground for those that remain. I will supernaturally breathe upon those that remain and they will yield more fruit than the vineyard achieved previously. There will be rapid planting with healthy new ones who will grow quickly in this most healthy environment.

Why must this pain happen to the church? It is essential that healthy leadership are in love with the lost as I am in love with the lost are established before the largest outpouring by My spirit takes place the world will ever see, as the final hour approaches. Can you not sense the groaning in the Earth for.the manifestation of the sons of God to rise?

The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.The fiery furnace that is refining many in this hour is done so that I will truly have a giant of an army mobilized and ready to be activated when the season arrives. (Romans 8:19-22)

Many who have been wandering the wilderness, hiding in caves, run out of churches and wounded by the saints are yet to have their finest hour. The pain of the pit that Joseph felt will soon wash away as my training ground has prepared them to do greater works than their former days. I will move them from the pit to the palace. Their maturation developed through sheer adversity has allowed them to know when to move and when to halt. Many of my horses who were locked in the gate, are no longer chomping at the bit in their mouth, nor kicking to get out. They now remain in perfect peace, and alert for when I open the gate and release them. My horses remain stationary with eyes fixed on Me.

2011 will be indeed a glorious year of triumph, yet also a year of great distress. Choose this day whom you will serve. Choose this day to be open to My Spirit. Choose this day to go when I say go, and to sit when I say sit. Choose this day to remove yourself from your titles and positions and think in terms of My body, and your role within it. The day is rapidly approaching where people will be desperate to seek Me in you, and no longer seek revelation through the religious structure. They will say, ‘Do you KNOW Him?’ and you will answer ‘Yes, I know him personally’. And they will say to you, ‘tell me about Him so that I too can be saved’. The highest motivation of love will be fully operational which will allow unity to prosper, and unity will allow My Spirit to move among you in ways that you cannot fathom in this present time. Once again I will display My power in supernatural ways that have rarely been seen in these last two generations, and once again, from My house, I will hear the sounds of unity and love that will bring in My presence says the Lord.


Lauralee P said...

PLEASE explain to me what could be dangerous about anyone reading this website. Please do come check out my blog sometime.

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Gene said...

Lauralee, I think you now have your answer by the comment above. BUT, I did check your blog. Beautiful stuff.

Here is my answer to the Muslim who wrote the comment. I know this is spam, but since the person who composed this is sincerely deceived I thought it might be good to answer sincerely:

My Muslim Corespondent:
I know the creator of all the universe. He redeemed my soul from eternal damnation.
He stands ready to receive me into glory.
I will be seated with Him in heavenly places for eternity.
He is good and there is no evil in Him at all.
He never asks me to do anything that would harm or hurt another person.
His cause is love.
He loved me and He Loves you so much that He doesn't ask ME to pay a price I cannot pay. He paid it. He paid it for you. You can't do anything to earn Love or salvation.
You can do nothing to earn your place in heaven. It's a gift.
He left his book, his Holy Book. Not some book authored not by one man, at one time in one sitting like the koran. He left his book written by 38 different Holy Men over a time frame of 2000 years.
The eternal God is never changing. Never changed. He is eternal and you will find Him if you seek Him.
Mohamed is dead. Allah is not Lord of all. He is A god, but not the TRUE God of all the Universe.
Jesus is alive today, right now, Forever.
Know Him Know Peace. No Him No Peace.
I pray that someday the Holy Spirit of God invades your life with truth that is eternal and will save your soul from eternal death.
It's a gift and no one can take it from you.
I will believe for you that you come to know the true God.
I would like to see you in heaven.