Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Word on Wealth Transfer

I have heard for years that the wealth of the wicked was laid up for the Righteous. I think as a Christian I always assumed that somehow it would just happen. Boom. The wicked would just write the Righteous a check.

Doesn't seem like that's how it's going to happen. I have been contemplating Biblical accounts of righteous people coming into great wealth. Mostly that's Old Testament stories.

I won't even TRY to account them here, but it never happened without crisis. Without collapse. Without disaster.

Not Judgement, reordering. Transfer.

We as Christians who understand this principle need to see the hand of God in all that is going on around us and look for the places where God is saying, time to go in and gather the spoils. There will be spoils.

I am starting to see the Plans he has for us, to prosper us. But it won't be what we think. And it can't happen without the changes we see all around us.

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